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What?  My mom is your mom?
by Gracee on May 21 2017 Add Comment

What? My mom is Sophee's mom too? You're pullin' my paw, right? We don't look or act alike. That's hard to believe! But that must be why folks are always sayin:' "You look just like your dad!" They say I have his floofy orange coat. But I AM a year older than Sophee. Anyway, wishin' a late happy mom's day to mine, hers & yours. 

Gracee & I have the same mom!
by Sophee on May 21 2017 Add Comment

I know you'll have a hard time believing this cause Gracee & don't look or act alike but we have one BIG thing in common. We have the same Mom!! I look like my mom. But Gracee?  Well--see for yourself in the next post. 

by Gracee on May 1 2017 Add Comment

Play, watch out the windows 'n doors, eat, & sleep. So far today, I played, I watched, I ate & now I sleep. It's what cats do. We sleep 16 - 18 hours/day. All of that twistin' & turnin' playin' "Circles" plum wore me out, if you know what I mean. I couldn't do one more circle 'round that track so I "crashed," guess you can see that. Be sure & watch my video next.

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