I am feeling so much better!  What's next?

My new Meowmuh is looking at me as I come running out to greet her.  She frowns and says that I am too thin.  And, I am thin in comparison to my brothers and sisters.  She takes me anyway.  I have never been in a carrier  before and I hate it.  I scream and yowl.  Laurell, my meowmuh's friend, takes me out of the carrier and cradles me in her arms.  I love being held so I can't help but purr loudly.  I give her slow blinks (kitty kisses).   I am finally home.  I squeal when they give me a bath but  Meowmuh stays with me the whole day and night.  I can't go to the bathroom.  I strain and try and try.  I am so tired, I have to lay down in the litter box.  I rest my head on the edge of the litter box.

Meowmuh exclaims:  "Oh, no!" and rushes me to Dr. Long.  They are giving me a thing called an enema but I still can't go to the bathroom.  So the doc is pulling stuff out of me.  They say that my condition is called obstipation.  I can't help it, I am yowling, I don't like that.  Now that that is over, I feel better so I am purring and purring again. I hear someone telling Meowmuh that she should send me back because I am so sick.  Back? Meowmuh scoops me up in the palm of her hand (I was only 1 and 1/2 pounds) and she holds me so close. 

She looks down at me with tears in her eyes, shakes her head and says:  "No, I can't do that, we have already bonded." Bonded?   I'm not a shrink but I think that means that now we are a forever team.  She wipes tears from her cheeks all the way home and she keeps saying:  "You are going to make it, it'll be alright."  But I already know that I will be alright because I know me and even though I am a purr-er, I am a tough guy.    I am home now and I let her give me oodles of drops, pills, pastes and special foods.  Some of it tastes yukky but it is helping.  Just look at me!  I've gained weight, I go to the bathroom and I can run all the time now.  Wanna play?

As told by: Inkee-Bear
Aug 3 2011