At our house, we like modern, safe and colorful.  The Sleepypod Mobile Pet Bed/Carrier is all of these.  I first saw them on the Internet & then at a BlogPaws Conference. I ordered one to see if my four cats would like it. They were excited just by the big box. They climbed in and out of the box and then, of course, the carrier. It is Spirit's but all the cats LOVE IT.  FTC Disclosure: This post is sponsored by SLEEPYPOD. We will only review products on this blog that we USE and LOVE. 

Visits to the vet with Spirit have always been a challenge.  He is the most vocal of the four cats.  The first time I put him in the cat carrier, zipped the dome top on and loaded the Sleepypod in the car, he remained calm.  No yowling or howling on the way to the vet. In the past, once we were on the treatment room, I  lifted him out of his carrier and put him on the treatment table. He immediately turned into a hissing, raging, growling, threatening-to-bite wild cat. I tried the usual remedies--soft blankets, treats, calming sprays, watched Jackson Galaxy, read cat-care books but trimming his nails was always a battle.  For some reason, the last time we went, I put the Sleepypod carrier on the treatment table and unzipped the dome top.  Spirit just laid there, looking around.  I said to the vet tech:  "Let's leave him in there." The tech looked uncertain but agreed to try.  Spirit was calm, only a periodic low growl.  I/we could not believe it was the same cat that we have struggled with every visit.  The tech said:  "They always do better when they're comfortable."  And to that, I say:  "Thank you, Sleepypod." 



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