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by Gracee on Oct 12 2019 Add Comment

A girl has to cool her claws sometimes if you know what I mean. Hopefully, my speedster youngest brother, Spirit, in the shadows behind me, will give me a break for a few anyway. "Hey, Spirit, I need a time-out!"  He needs to be given direction directly from me if you know what I mean. To see us in 3D, go to our FB, see this posting, move your phone (or move your mouse over) this same FB pic & you'll see us in 3D! It's more fun than anyone (even Spirit) can imagine. See ya' there!

by Gracee on Oct 5 2019 Add Comment

I gotta' be honest. My siblings' "Committee" meetings are a total waste of time. So I just say no to their little meetings. They can yowl all they want. I do what I want & they know it. Cry me a river, know what I mean?   They say:  "Gracee may be little but she's mighty."  You can take that to the bank. My hiss will make any respectable cat run & hide. So, do it my way or HISSS!   

by Inkee-Bear, Spirit on Oct 5 2019 Add Comment

We're the "Committee." We meet on our stair landing at least weekly to "meow" & "yowl" -- you know, talk things over, work things out. Not just for us but for our hooman too. But you can never work things out with Gracee. She doesn't even meet with us. Just because she's the oldest, she thinks everything should be her way or the highway.  Sigh. 

by Inkee-Bear on Sep 27 2019 Add Comment

I always "place" myself on this green lily pad-placemat as soon as our hooman lifts our water bowl, carries the bowl to the kitchen sink, turns on the water, rinses the bowl, fills it & "Purr, Purr!" -- serves us our fresh, cool water. Sometimes she puts my fav thing in it -- little pieces of ice or a REALLY BIG ice cube!  "Purr Purr Purr!"  Don't be surprised by ice cubes. We're in triple digits here but I love playing with ice anytime!  'Scuse. Here comes the water. Gotta move. 

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