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by Inkee-Bear on Mar 21 2018 Add Comment

Did we miss St Pat’s Day? Oh, oh. We were supposed to find a green hat for our St Pat’s Day pics but we couldn’t find one. But we watched TV while they dyed the Chicago river as green as my harness. The dye is powdered & vegetable-based.The exact formula is as secret as a leprechaun telling where he hid his gold. 

by Sophee on Mar 10 2018 Add Comment

How did I celebrate International Women's Day? I curled up in Meowmuh's office chair, turned on the computer & googled 'International Women's Day.' Know what? Russian women observed their first 'International Women's Day' in 1913. In the next year, European women held rallies to protest the war. Russian women then protested for 'Bread & Peace,' the Czar abdicated & Russian women were given the right to vote in 1917. it wasn't until 1920 that women in the United States were granted the right to vote (19th Amendment).


by Gracee on Mar 10 2018 Add Comment

Thursday March 8 was International Woman's Day. How did I exercise my rights as a woman? Yep, you guessed it. I exercised my 'right' to nap--catnap that is. National Women's Day was first celebrated in 1909 in honour of the 1908 New York garment workers' strike. 'International Women's Day' was marked for the first time in Austria, Denmark, Germany & Switzerland in 1911. Over one million rallied demanding rights to work, vocational training & an end to discrimination on the job. Is that still a problem today? Hmmmm.. Hisss.

by Spirit on Mar 6 2018 Add Comment

I see her, I see Meowmuh! Is she gonna' scratch my tummy? Is she gonna' tell me what a good boy I am? I am a good boy, a very good boy, you know. Watch our 3 KNEADING videos. If you can't see them, click on their Titles. You'll see all of us kneading: Mikey (Auntie Rika's cat) Lucy (Auntie Laurell's DOG) &, of course, me. Cats that live in the wild knead down tall grass to make a comfy spot to lay down in/on & to check for unwelcome visitors under the grass. Of course you know that all kittens knead their moms while they're nursing. Their reward is:  milk.

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