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by Spirit on Feb 13 2019 Add Comment

Wow!  This day before Valentine’s Day has been exhausting! Teddy bears, hearts, bah-loons, ribbons—I’m plum wore out if you see what I’m sayin’. I need to get some serious sleep time in so I’ll be all handsome for tomorrow — Valentine’s Day. If the neighbor’s cats don’t come over, I’m gonna’ call Auntie Rika’s cats  — Lucy & Mikey. They’ll be my Valentines furr shure! Have a fun day. 

by Gracee, Inkee-Bear on Feb 13 2019 Add Comment

Our hooman’s taking a break from our photo shoot. Maybe she’s frustrated cause we keep moving, scattering. In this pic we’re lookin’ in different directions, we’re on different levels, we’ve been pouncing on the ribbons that dangle from those bah-loons that keep moving — scraping & bouncing on the ceiling & walls. You know we cats LOVE anything that moves. We’re having fun & hope you are too! Happy Valentine’s!!! 

by Gracee on Feb 13 2019 Add Comment

What’s up with all this red stuff, hearts, teddy bears, bah-loons?  I’m sittin’ in front of a big heart at this very moment. Bigger than mine furr shure. Bigger than my hooman — I’m certain of that. We all have good hearts if you get my drift so we’ll all be your Valentine. Think of us & you’ll have a super Valentine’s Day!! 

by Sophee on Feb 13 2019 Add Comment

What’s with these flying things? Bah-loons? They keep bouncing & moving. Like every time the heat comes on,  they get blown around. They’re dancin’ on the ceilin’ if you know what I mean. Anyhoo — may you too have bah-loons that dance on this, your Valentine’s Day!!

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