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by Sophee on Jul 13 2019 Add Comment

This is where you'll usually find me. I hang out in the barrel of our newest cat tree. It's right next to the dining room table where my hooman sits. I get pets & tummy scratches everytime she gets up. Plus, Spirit can't bug me when I'm in my barrel. I have knocked him out of the tree when he's tried. Yes, I have. I might be little but I'm mighty. Jeff of Charles Creative, our webdesigner & buddy, is here taking pics with his new camera. We love having our pics taken!

by Spirit on Jul 13 2019 Add Comment

Inkee-Bear & I aren't into boxes. Gracee is. Inkee-Bear & I like our cat trees and fluffy cat beds.This cat tree is waist-high -- for a hooman that is. Auntie Rika gave us this cat tree. As you can see, catnappin' with your sibling is the best. Anyway, the best for me. Not sure about Inkee-Bear. Sometimes he gets up & goes to another spot to nap. We're posin' here for our buddy & webdesigner, Jeff of Charles Creative. He's tryin' out his new camera. Shoot away, Jeff. 

by Gracee on Jul 13 2019 Add Comment

I know that I have 5 fluffy cat beds and 2 new cat trees in our living/dining rooms but I want this new box from Corsica Deli to relax in. It's what I want, it's what I like so I'm takin' it. Hssss/swat to anyone/anything that dare try to move me outa' it! I'm not exactly what you call a scaredy-cat. Bring it on is what I say!

by Sophee on Jul 7 2019 Add Comment

Doesn't everyone watch TV this way?  You know, nose-to-screen?  Team USA just won FIFA"s World Championship!  Is that cool or what?  Congratulations ladies!!  You were purr-fect!  And may you win many, many meowr!

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