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SEE SOPHEE'S NEW GAME: "PUM-KIN PLUMMET" (If you can't see this video, click HERE)
by Sophee on Nov 17 2018 Add Comment

I've got this pum-kin goin' now, fur shure. While I'm playin' -- Meowmuh wants to warn all you 2- & 4-legged critters out there -- watch us so we don't eat somethin' that'll make us sick cause, I don't know about you, but I don't want to be rushed to any 4-legged critters' emergency hospital. So, be sure & READ the "Safety Tips for Thanks-What?" Article.  Oh, oh -- my pum-kin just plummeted right outa' our cat tree!  Don't forget --be safe; be thankful for your own food, your home & get all the attention you can today --without gettin' in the way of course....

SOPHEE GROOMS HER PUM-KIN (If you can't see this video, click HERE)
by Sophee on Nov 17 2018 Add Comment

Do you get toys for Thanksgiving? I did. Meowmuh says it's a pum-kin or somethin' like that. You know us cats. We have to FULLY inspect everything! And I mean everything. So, I'm movin' this little pum-kin, I'm scratchin' it, I'm groomin' it. Wait.  I've got a little groom-chore to do myself. Oh, I almost forgot -- HAPPY THANKSGIVING to all you 2- & 4-legged critters out there!!

by Sophee on Nov 17 2018 Add Comment

Hey Mr.Turkey, what are you doin' in our cat tree?  The turkey before you just left. He was little. But you & I -- we're about the same size & we're both very colorful. I've gotta' ask. Can you run fast? Really fast? You sorta' look like a bird -- kind of a weird looking bird. Are you too big to fly into a tree? On top of a roof? To go away? Like disappear? Cause Meowmuh just said it's time to put the turkey in the oven.  I'm warnin' ya! Time to disappear, furr shure!

by Gracee, Sophee on Nov 17 2018 Add Comment

Gracee:  Do you see a turkey?  Sophee:  No. Gracee:  Do you hear a turkey?  Sophee:  No but what does a turkey sound like?  Gracee:  It must go: 'Gobble, Gobble, Gobble' cause that's what Meowmuh was saying when she said: "Look at the turkey, girls." Sophee:  What does a turkey look like? Gracee:  I don't know. But Meowmuh told us to look at the turkey so I'm gonna' keep lookin.'  Sophee:  Me too!  (HINT:  Girls, girls. Look behind you, it's right behind you. Sigh.)...

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