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by Gracee on May 24 2019 Add Comment

Hope you’ll join me Sunday morning to ‘catch’ the Indy 500 race!  Imagine me being the pole-sitter. Paws up for speed, skill, & teamwork. Good luck!  

by Spirit on May 24 2019 Add Comment

On this Memorial Day, we remember & honor those who fought & died to keep this country & others strong, safe & free. 

by Sophee on May 14 2019 Add Comment

Is this fun or what?  I'm on the other side of the 'thing' now. I guess I'm on the 'inside.'  It's a lot dryer than the other side. Our hooman takes it with her whenever it rains or whenever she thinks it's going to rain. She says she has an App to tell her if it's going to rain. Remarkable, huh? Well, it rained. The other side is totally, I mean, completely wet. Me? I prefer this side, the dry side. But I love it when the parasol is out -- so I purr for rain.

by Sophee on May 14 2019 Add Comment

Know what? I LOVE rainy days. Know why? Cause our hooman puts this thing on our stair landing -- but she only leaves it there for awhile. So you have to investigate right away. That's what we cats are good at -- Investigating! Now watch. You have to move slowly & carefully cause sometimes it rolls.  Also, one of my crazy siblings might be on the other side so you have to check it all out first.  I'm taking a peek right now.  It looks--clear.

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