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by Gracee, Sophee on Apr 10 2019 Add Comment

SOPHEE:  Gracee, what are you looking for? GRACEE:  More siblings. SOPHEE:  Why? Sometimes you act like you don't like the ones you have!  GRACEE:  That's precisely why I'm looking! I want a little brother that stays little. SOPHEE:  Little cats always get big & guy cats are always bigger than girl cats. We're girls so we're little -- like our mom, Red Lola.  So, let's celebrate the siblings we do have on National Siblings' Day.  GRACEE:  You can celebrate. I'm gonna' look.

by Inkee-Bear, Sophee on Apr 10 2019 Add Comment

INKEE-BEAR:  Exactly what is National Siblings' Day?  I like to paw-tee but I gotta' know fur what!  SOPHEE:  I know what it is. It's the day when we celebrate being together, in our house, with our hooman. It's who we play with, who we cuddle with, who we don't play with, who we can't cuddle with. Understand?  INKEE-BEAR:  I get it. But did you know that you & I have the same Dad?  His name is Kool Kat.  SOPHEE:  I knew that. It's cool to have a dad named Kool cause we are, afterall, cool - if you know what I mean.  

by Sophee on Mar 30 2019 Add Comment

Here it is -- in all it's glory! Our first Award just for being 'us' in our very own home -- sharing our daily thoughts & doings --including our catnaps.  We -- all of us (including our hooman of course) -- send the loudest PURRS & the biggest YOWLS of THANKS to the Cat Writers' Assocation!

by Sophee on Mar 30 2019 Add Comment

What's this? An award? For us? The Cat Authors? -- & our hooman?  Yowl!  Time for a pawsome celebration! We tell our hooman what we think. Sometimes we show her what we do -- dopey or serious -- & she puts it on our blog. Congrats too to all the other 'Certificate of Excellence' winners!  The Cat Writers' Association is our home where we're mentored, where we learn & where we meet other like-minded critters -- big & small.

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