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by Inkee-Bear, Spirit on Sep 14 2019 Add Comment

SPIRIT:  OK, OK.  Cut it out.  Quit buggin' me!  I've got bigger & better fish to fry if you know what I mean.  INKEE-BEAR:  You may be the fastest cat in the house but you're also the biggest guy cry-baby in the house.  Wait, hold on!  Don't be always runnin' off.  Oops. A bit of a snag here.  Didn't really mean to snag you like that, dude.  SPIRIT:  Yea, right.  You didn't 'mean' to snag me.  A likely story.  Your nose is growin', dude. But I'm cool with it. INKEE-BEAR:  If you're cool, I'm cool -- which...

by Inkee-Bear, Spirit on Sep 20 2019 Add Comment

SPIRIT:  Inkee-Bear, we're best buddies, right?  INKEE-BEAR:  Dunno' if I'd say "best" buddies. SPIRIT:  Whaddya' mean? If we're not best buddies, then what are we? INKEE-BEAR:  I'd say we're siblings. SPIRIT:  That's it? I thought we were buddies!  INKEE-BEAR:  Aww...fur cryin' out loud, Spirit. OK, OK. We're buddies. Yes, best buddies. Now look at Jeff, our hooman buddy with his new camera & long lens. Hold still. Say "Meow."  

by Gracee on Sep 14 2019 Add Comment

Where is it?  Oh, wait!  Now I see it!   Sometimes I let the other cats in our house have a try at it. Sophee chases the laser all the way from the end of the kitchen, through the dining room, through the living room & up the front door. Yes, she jumps way up on the door. Big Inkee-Bear is a big surprise -- you think he's taking a nap but then his big black paw snakes out to grab it. Spirit is a laser non-player.  These pics were taken by Jeff, our webdesigner, with his new camera.  Our hooman edited them.

by Gracee on Sep 14 2019 Add Comment

Sophee & I try to get our hooman to play "Laser-Pointer" whenever we can.  Sometimes we don't have to ask. She just does it.  I can hear the click when she turns it on!  Yes I can.  Even if I'm in another room!   My cat ears are super-sonic, better than my sibs, fur shure.  I race to the sound.  So, I'm warnin' ya' startin' right now.  Stay outa' my way 'til I catch this laser thing.  I'll creep up on it, I'll stalk it, I'll catch it.  Just you wait and see.  

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