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SOPHEE'S NOSE-TO-SCREEN DODGER WIN (if you can't see this video, click here)
by Sophee on Oct 20 2018 Add Comment

I'm watchin' these playoffs & I'm lovin' it!  Dodgers are gonna' win!  Watch this pitcher wind up & throw that ball to the batter -- 98 mph?  Yowl-Yikes.  Meowmuh's all nervous but I know they're gonna' win.  My cat sixth sense says so.  All cats have a sixth sense.  Hoomans do sometimes.  All I know is that the Dodgers are gonna' win!!!  And she was right!  Dodgers won!!  (click on the Title to see my video)

by Sophee on Oct 20 2018 Add Comment

They’re gonna’ win! I know it as sure as cats have whiskers!  Everyone knows we cats have a sixth sense. Meowmuh was all nervous. She wasn’t sure. But I’m sure. Be sure & watch my video: Sophee's Nose-to-Screen Dodger Win

by Sophee on Sep 6 2018 Add Comment

Yep, it's me again. I'm what you call a 'beam-hog' -- a 'Beamer,' so to speak. I guess I'm up here most every day. I'm ALWAYS up here when someone walks in our house. It's such fun. Until Meowmuh points me out, people don't know I"m up here. If you visited us, how long would it take you to notice me up here watchin' you?

by Inkee-Bear on Sep 6 2018 Add Comment

We cats love to be up high. When I'm sittin' on this beam, I can see the second floor & down below to the first floor. When people walk in the door, they never look up so they don't see us. They don't know that there's a 'cat-on-the-beam' watching their every move, listening to their every word. It's our way - secretive, hidden, you know what I mean.

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