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by Sophee on Feb 16 2018 Add Comment

You're not gonna' believe this. You gotta' watch.  Click on the video below:  SOPHEE SHOWS HER OLYMPIC APTITUDE. If you can't see the video, click on the Title:  SOPHEE SHOWS HER OLYMPIC APTITUDE and my video will pop upl  Watch me turn in a Gold Medal Performance on the Tower Tracks. I practice, I focus &, you'll have to admit, I'm fast. We love the Olympics at our house.  GO TEAM USA!!

by Sophee on Feb 15 2018 Add Comment

GO TEAM USA!!  IF YOU CAN'T SEE ME IN ACTION, CLICK ON THE ABOVE TITLE:  SOPHEE SHOWS HER OLYMPIC ATPTITUDE.  Cat-letes, actually all 4-legged critters, aren't allowed to enter the Olympics but what I do know about is competition & the need to practice, practice, practice. Watch me practice on the "Tower of Tracks." I'm the best in our house. What you're really looking at is a Gold Medal performance--all three balls rolling on all 3 tracks at the same time! I'm good, aren't I?  Meowl.


by Sophee on Feb 15 2018 Add Comment

The Olympic Rings were designed by the co-founder of the Olympics, Frenchman Baron Pierre de Caubertin in 1912. The number of rings represent the 5 inhabited continents:  Africa, Asia, America (North & South Americas), Europe and Oceania (Australia & Antarctica).The color of the rings on a white background represented the colors of the flags of the nations competing at that time. The interlocked rings symbolize the 'timeless value of unity.' He advocated; "Faster, Higher, Stronger" & "The most important thing is not to win, but to take part." -- Pic of rings from Pixabay....

by Inkee-Bear on Feb 14 2018 Add Comment

From my desk chair to yours:  "I think you are paw-some.  If you'll be my valentine, I'lll share my catnip toys with you. You are so write for me.  Besides, we knead each other.  So, will you be my Valentine?  Puh-leeze?

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