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by Gracee on May 24 2018 Add Comment

My paw's up & ready. Here comes one. Oops. I'll get the next one. I'm just a baby kitten in this 2011 pic. But now it's 2018 & I'm all grown up. I'm lookin' for Danica Patrick. She's fast! She's the only lady driver out there. Sunday, May 27 is Danica's last race. She retired from NASCAR & now from Indy. What's the point of tryin' to catch a car-thingie if it isn't Danica's? GO DANICA!!!  WE HOOMAN & CAT LADIES LOVE YOU!!  Be sure to Google her. She's a purr-fectly bootiful, classy lady-hooman! Yep, all of the Cat Authors & Meowmuh are Danica fans!

by Gracee on May 24 2018 Add Comment

I like to get up close & personal with these car-thingies. But where do they go? They're comin' at me & then they drop off -- but to where? Under the screen? Behind the screen? Nope. I looked behind the screen & there's nothin' there. Can't figure it out. I'll just have to catch one. I might be just a kitten here but I have really fast paws. Stay tuned. I'll get one.

by Gracee on May 24 2018 Add Comment

Jumped down from my cat tree & ran across the living room to the TV. I love the TV. I gotta' watch things move. Now I'm lookin' over my shoulder to watch those things called cars comin' at me. Meowmuh says it's May 29, 2011--the morning of the Indianapolis 500 -- a big car race that lots of hoomans watch. They gather together in what they call 'crowds.' The 'crowd' wants to see which hooman drives the car-thingie the fastest. And, trust me, they're movin' mighty fast!

by Gracee on May 24 2018 Add Comment

Meowmuh is all excited 'bout somethin' on TV. .Somethin' about races. Maybe the hooman race. No? A car race? What's that? She says it looks like I'm 'drivin' my cat tree with my arm out the 'window.' Don't know what 'drivin' means. Then she says I'm too young to drive. As you can see, I'm still a baby in this pic. But watch me get 'into' this car race.

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