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by Inkee-Bear on Jul 24 2017 Add Comment

Here they are -- our SlimCat Interactive Feeders. The green ball's circle-top is off. The blue ball's circle-top is still on. The openings around each ball let the food drop out when we roll 'em. Meowmuh adjusted the size of the openings. Our dry food is big so the openings are at their largest. Be sure to watch our video: Huntin' for Food.

by Inkee-Bear on Jul 24 2017 Add Comment

(If you can't see our video, click on the Title) I figured out how to get my food cause I use my paws much, much more than the other dimwits  in this video. It's fun, it's competition. My reward? Food, tasty food. The first 'course' for our breakfast is our wet food. The second course is our dry food. Mostly it's served in our bowls but sometimes this way. 

by Inkee-Bear on Jul 24 2017 Add Comment

I get it. The food's in the balls. Know how I found out? I sniffed & snuffed all around one ball, put my nose against it &, guess what? When the ball rolled, our dry food just jumped out. Now I know. Push the ball, paw the ball, move the ball -- and eat. Be sure to watch our video: Huntin' for Food.

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