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by Inkee-Bear on Apr 22 2018 Add Comment

Meowmuh says I go into a trance when I knead. As you can see, I am focused. I don't know why my tongue pops out--but it does. We googled it & couldn't find any reason. Some cats suck while they knead. I don't suck, my tongue just sort of -- pops out there. Then, I'm finished & it's time for my nap.

by Inkee-Bear on Apr 22 2018 Add Comment

I'm sittin' with Meowmuh. Her suitcases are out. She must be leavin' us again. So I knead, I mean, I need to get some kneadin' n' lickin' in before she leaves. Then I'm gonna do my next fav thing--settle down & take a nap right here next to Meowmuh. Be sure & watch my video: Tongue Lickin' while Kneadin'.

THE PRINTER POUNCE (if you can't see this video, click here, on the Title)
by Spirit on Apr 13 2018 Add Comment

This thing warns ya' that it's gonna' push somethin' at ya'. As soon as you hear it turn on, then you gotta' watch real close so it doesn't get ya.'. You can see me pouncin' on that thing comin' at me & Meowmuh. And, guess what? I won, I saved the day!  The last time I pounced on it, the behemoth went quiet. No more pushin' those things out. Meowmuh says it's jammed. She says: "Only Spirit could do that." See how proud she is of me?

by Spirit on Apr 13 2018 Add Comment

My job is to help Meowmuh however & whenever I can. So, here I am. Helping. I'm a real 'stand-up' kind of guy, as you can very well see. I'm standing watch while Meowmuh prints the Power Point presentation for her training--a web something or other.  What? Oh, Inkee-Bear just said it was a 'webinar.' I hate printers. You gotta' watch 'em REAL CLOSE or they'll get ya'!  You'll see in the video.

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