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by Spirit on Nov 10 2019 Add Comment

Our hooman's Great-Uncle, Eugene, was drafted (lists of new draftees were published in local newspapers) to the Great War/WWI. He was captured by the Germans or, as he referred to them in his letters, by the Round Heads (German soldiers wore round helmets). His letters spoke of harsh weather, sparse if any food & being moved to different prisons.  He knew what countries he was in but never sure where in that country (no maps). He was very thin when he got off the ship after 18 months in prison....

by Spirit on Nov 10 2019 Add Comment

This pic is:  "A gunner with the regimental cat in a trench. Cambrin, France. 2/6/1918 (1WM)"  Per an article on 8/22/2014 by Bruce Strauss: "Cats were a common sight in the trenches & aboard ships where they hunted mice & rats. Beyond their 'official' duties, they were also embraced as mascots & pets by the soldiers & sailors with whom they served.  An estimated 500,000 cats were dispatched to the trenches where they killed rats & mice..."

by Spirit on Nov 10 2019 Add Comment

Thank you to all Veterans who have served & still serve & their family members!  We're sending a special meow-out to the animals who serve while in harms way as well as the pets at home tryin' to figure out where their mom or dad went & what those words "war" & "service" are all about. Thank you!

by Sophee on Nov 9 2019 Add Comment

Let me introduce you to our regular house guests, Fran & her hubby Ken. Where is Ken? Reading. He reads really early every morning. They might not stay with us for very long so we soak up whatever attention they give us. Most important, Fran is the best "Catch-the-Laser" player of all the hoomans that we know!  Gracee & I never tire of playin' that game!  But here you catch Fran & I takin' a break -- just kickin' it.  Fran's reclinin' & me?  I'm perchin' & purrin!'  

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