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BLACK CATS & BOBBYPINS (To see my video, click here, on the Title)
by Inkee-Bear on Jun 3 2018 Add Comment

At our house, we have all sorts of toys & puzzles to play on, in & with. But it's the littlest things that are the most fun -- like wrappers, popcorn, bottle tops, hair rollers, ice cubes, even a strip of cabbage dropped on the kitchen floor.  In this video/gif, I'm playin' with this bobbypin. You probably already guessed that it's Meowmuh's. It's stuff like this that's so much fun to 'do' while I 'keep watch' over my (well, our) territory--the backyard.

by Inkee-Bear on Jun 3 2018 Add Comment

Yes, I'm sitting in a dining room chair at our dining room table watching the birds & butterflies in our backyard. There are three new cats that walk through our yard. They must be watched. Very carefully. One looks like Spirit. Meowmuh doesn't  let us out of our house unless we're in our carriers, our stroller or on a leash/harness. She says we don't understand traffic & cars plus there are coyotes where we live. They might want one of us for lunch someday. That's skeery. Being inside isn't so bad. We find all sorts of things to play with. For example, watch my next video, "...

by Sophee on Jun 3 2018 Add Comment

This black lab puppy is 5 months old. He'll be with his foster hoomans for 15 months. They've fostered prior guide dogs. He must go everywhere so he becomes used to the world--all noises & smells on streets, subways, planes, taxis, elevators, hospitals, animals, other hoomans & so much more. Then he'll go to Guide Dog School where he'll be trained to assist & protect his blind hooman in ALL situations. Part of the training was 'intelligent disobedience' also known as the dogs using their judgement/reasoning powers. You might want to read the book to understand.

by Sophee on Jun 3 2018 Add Comment

This is an 'elder' guide dog at an ALOUD presentation at the Los Angeles Central Library. Meowmuh went with our auntie, Laurel. The presenter was Stephen Kuusisto, also known as the Blind Poet. He discussed passages in his book about the limits on his life prior to deciding to apply for a guide dog. Of compelling interest was the saga of his sojourn in & through Guide Dog School. The training was extensive &, for the first time, he met hoomans like himself--blind hoomans.

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