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by Inkee-Bear on Jan 12 2019 Add Comment

Finally. In case you haven't noticed, I finally have my bed to myself. I guess I should acknowledge that it's actually our hooman's bed but she let's us sleep on it -- sometimes with her in it. There are, however, rules when she's in it:  No play-fighting, no flying up the stairs ending in a long leap through her bedroom door landing on her, no licking or pawing her while she's asleep (we can tell), no meowing/asking her to play with the toy that we put on her bed -- think that's about it. Time to nap. Solo nap, that is.

by Inkee-Bear, Spirit on Jan 12 2019 Add Comment

Jeff, our webdesigner,, thinks our pic resembles the Chinese symbol for Yin & Yang. Yin & Yang has been a fundamental concept in Chinese philosopy & culture since before the 3rd century BCE. The principal of Yin & Yang is that all things in the natural world are inseparable & contradictory opposites such as male - female, light - darkness & old - young. This principle creates balance.

by Sophee, Spirit on Jan 12 2019 Add Comment

They call us the 'Sibling Bookends'-- or the 'Bookend Siblings.' We frequently 'end' up on our catwalk together.  From up here, we have choices. We can either watch our hooman, in this case our hooman turned photographer inside our house & below us or the birds, bees & trees outside our house through the window behind us. Which would you choose?

FEEL THAT CUBAN BEAT? (If you can't see this video, CLICK HERE)
by Inkee-Bear, Spirit on Dec 29 2018 Add Comment

Inkee-Bear:  Fire up that new CD! Gotta’ see what that ‘beat’ thing is. Our hooman loves Cuba's music. Spirit:  More than she loves me?  Inkee-Bear:  Probably. Good grief. She wants to know if we feel the beat, you know -- do we ‘get down’ with it. You have to LISTEN -- pay attention. Spirit:  Well, listening isn't my thing if you know what I mean. Playin' & meowin’ — those are MY things.  Inkee-Bear:  I know. Oh, how well we ALL know. Sigh.

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