Who was born today?  Me? No way!  I was born a long time ago. Well, maybe not a LONG time ago. TEN YEARS AGO?  Ten years ago today?  Yikes!  

As told by: Sophee
Jan 2 2022


Our hooman lost a hooman that she admired, RUTH BADER GINSBURG. We're sharing two of RBG's quotes from "In Her Own Words:"  ----"Sometimes people ask me, 'So now there are three of you. When do you think you will have enough women on the Supreme Court?'  And I think: when we are nine."  ---- "The dean (of Harvard Law School) greeted the women in his first-year class with an invitation to dinner at his home. He brought us into his living room and called on each of us to tell him in turn why we were at the Harvard Law School occupying a seat that could be held by a man."

As told by: Sophee
Sep 19 2020

INKEE-BEAR DUCKS & COVERS (If you can't see this video, CLICK HERE)

Earthquake!! Did you feel it? When we felines first heard it, my scaredy cat siblings streaked up the stairs a nano second before the house started rocking! Me? I took cover under the dining room chair & table. That's what you're supposed to do plus, I stayed near our hooman. She should have gotten under the table too but hoomans aren't fast enough! Our hooman's 'Shake Alert LA" App says it was a 4.5 magnitude about 30 minutes East of us. A reminder to be ready for "The Big One!"  YOWL!!

As told by: Inkee-Bear
Sep 19 2020

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by Inkee-Bear, Sophee, Spirit on May 25 2020 Add Comment

SPIRIT:  We're celebrating what today?


SOPHEE:  Memorial Day -- used to be called Decoration  Day. (Remembrance Day is a Holiday celebrated in other countries on our Veterans Day. My apologies.)


SPIRIT:  In memory of what?


SOPHEE:  In memory of all the animals and hoomans killed in wars.


SPIRIT:  Killed?  What's war?


SOPHEE:  It's kinda' like a big fight.  It's a hooman thing, I guess.


SPIRIT:  Why do they have wars and what makes them fight anyway?  Hoomans are smart, right?


IT'S MOM'S DAY 2020!!
by Gracee, Sophee on May 10 2020 Add Comment


GRACEE:  OMG!!  Mother's Day?  Didn't we just celebrate that? Guess not. I'm getting forgetful. Our Vet says I'm a Senior cat now. Do I look like a Senior cat? I don't feel like a Senior cat. My mirror doesn't tell me I'm a Senior cat.  Do I look like a Senior cat to you, Sophee? 


SOPHEE:  I'm not touching that with a 10-foot pole. I don't know what a Senior cat is anyway.  I do know what a Mean cat is. Hate to tell you, Gracee, but of the four of us, you're the only one that hisses and swats all of us.  



by on Apr 24 2020 Add Comment

INKEE-BEAR:  Like my box?  I have it all to myself!  This box came from Mary at Corsica Deli.  Know how I know?  We cats have super sensitive sniffers. Mine detects turkey, cheese, avocado, and bacon. That means my hooman's fav sandwich -- the turkey club -- was in this box.  Our hooman is so weird.  She only eats half the sandwich and puts the other half in the fridge. Not me!  I inhale every morsel set in front of me.  And, remember, it never hurts to ask for more!

THE COVID-19 EASTER (Click here if you can't see each cat's 'tail' about their Covid-19 Easter)
by Sophee on Apr 12 2020 Add Comment

Sophee says:  "I'm investigating this gray Easter Bunny in our cat tree -- wearing a mask like our hooman -- to fight Covid-19!  I don't know about your house but we're sure enough fighting it here.  Everything that comes in our house gets sprayed & sanitized.  It's a big hassle but our hooman reminds us:  'We gotta do this.  We're in this together & we WILL be in this together for however long it takes.'"

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