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by Spirit on Mar 23 2019 Add Comment

OK.  It worked. Told ya' it'd work.  My hooman says we can go outside now. But I have to be either in our secured stroller or on a leash & wear this harness thing. But I don't want to be seen in this flowery, hoody getup. How embarrassing. If I gotta' wear something, then at least get me something that expresses me, the REAL me -- something more manly if you get my drift. Do I have to 'splain everything to my hooman? 

by Spirit on Mar 23 2019 Add Comment

I'm watchin' my hooman from our loft. I told her that I want to go outside!  She said no -- she's busy -- hoomans say things like that. So, I wanna' see just how busy she really is!  Know what I mean? So, I'm watchin' & puttin' on my best 'sad sack' face -- it works sometimes. The object is to make her feel bad, real bad -- & guilty. I'm sure I can do it. I've done it before. Besides, it's worth a try, right?   

by Inkee-Bear on Mar 16 2019 Add Comment

I'm not entirely sure what our hooman has planned for Saint Patrick's Day. But, I want to be ready so I'll start restin' up right here, right now. Then, before she wakes up, I move up the stairs, jump on her bed, curl up & go back to sleep. Then, when she wakes up, I'm the first feline she sees! I go into my purr mode immediately. Can't help it. And, if she could purr, she would be so happy to see me, she'd purr. Yes, there are other cats on the bed -- Spirit & sometimes the girls. Have a Happy Patrick's Day!!

by Spirit on Mar 16 2019 Add Comment

Don't mean to turn my back on you but I wanted you to see my new collar. It has shamrocks on it -- our hooman says she saw it, thought about my green eyes & knew she had to get it for me, her fav feline. Well, I am. Inkee-Bear says I'm NOT her fav -- it's just that I'm the baby/youngest of our pack so she has to look out for me. But I can take care of myself if you know what I mean. Anyway, the Shamrock has been a symbol of Ireland since the 18th Century.

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