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by Gracee, Sophee on Dec 2 2017 Add Comment

Sophee: Meowmuh, when are we going to practice our Christmas Carols on the piano? We like it when you play, even if no one else does. I like "Winter Wonderland,' "Jingle Bells"--"Who's that Kitten in the Window? Meow. Meow." Gracee: No, no, it's "Who's that Doggie in the Window? Arf Arf" AND that song is NOT a Christmas Carol! Good grief.

by Inkee-Bear, Spirit on Nov 20 2017 Add Comment

SPIRIT: What's a pilgrim? INKEE: a traveler in foreign lands. SPIRIT: I was born in Kansas so I'm a pilgrim. INKEE: Kansas is a state, not a foreign country. SPIRIT: I'm an Egyptian Mau, I'm from Egypt--a foreign country. INKEE:  Sigh. I'm a Scottish Fold so I must be from Scotland. Happy Thanksgiving to all you pilgrims out there...

by Sophee on Nov 20 2017 Add Comment

This is one bold turkey. Go away, turkey. This is a 'cats-only' cat-tree -- let me be real clear -- this cat-tree is a 'turkey-free' zone. I don't want to hear any gobble, gobble, gobble-dee-gook -- just split.  Oh, oh. Do you hear what I hear? Meowmuh's calling you. She wants you in the oven, I mean the kitchen! 

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