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by Inkee-Bear on Dec 8 2019 Add Comment

This Woolsey Fire kitty victim is being treated for his injuries. The Santa Ana winds blew the flames so fast that animals didn't know which way to go and many couldn't be caught by their owners before they themselves had to flee. Fortunately, there are hooman angels that went into the charred, still smoking neighborhoods and rescued what animals they could find. Some hid under cars, some waited on the front doorstep of their totally burned out home, some wouldn't be caught but managed to survive.

by Spirit on Dec 8 2019 Add Comment

Confusion reigned for wildlife in the aftermath of the Paradise Fire in Northern CA in 2018. Experts say that the fire traveled football field lengths in a matter of seconds due to the Santa Ana winds. The single road in-&-out of Paradise was jammed & fraught with obstacles like fallen trees, electrical wires & utility poles. 

by Gracee on Dec 8 2019 Add Comment

Fire Captain Millosovich carried a cage of kittens out of harms way. He told AP Photgrapher Noah Berger that the cage fell from the bed of a pick-up truck as an evacuee drove to safety during the Paradise Fire in Northern CA in 2018.  A few of the kittens are orange like me. I'm not only the oldest cat in our house but I'm the only ORANGE cat in our house.  Saving kittens, particularly orange kittens, makes him a purr-fect hooman.

by Inkee-Bear on Dec 8 2019 Add Comment

This fire was a year after our fire, the Creek Fire. These Woolsey Fire flames are like monsters bearing down on this lone firefighter. These firefighters run TO the flames!  We run AWAY! They work 36 hour shifts, sleep on the ground -- no catnaps for these heroes. They're super hoomans!

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