SPIRIT:  We're celebrating what today?


SOPHEE:  Memorial Day -- used to be called Decoration  Day. (Remembrance Day is a Holiday celebrated in other countries on our Veterans Day. My apologies.)


SPIRIT:  In memory of what?


SOPHEE:  In memory of all the animals and hoomans killed in wars.


SPIRIT:  Killed?  What's war?


SOPHEE:  It's kinda' like a big fight.  It's a hooman thing, I guess.


SPIRIT:  Why do they have wars and what makes them fight anyway?  Hoomans are smart, right?


As told by: Inkee-Bear Sophee Spirit
May 25 2020

SOPHEE:  I don't have a clue.  Ask Inkee-Bear.  He's the house-sage.


SOPHEE:  Inkee-Bear, are hoomans really smart and, if they are, what makes them want to fight and have wars?


INKEE-BEAR:  Yes, hoomans are supposed to be smart.  But this war thing they do and why they do it -- it's complicated.  Sometimes they want to be the most powerful, to have the most territory, to rule the most people, to defend themselves -- greed, vanity and so much more.  Like I said, it's complicated.


SPIRIT:  Are we are at war now?


INKEE-BEAR:  Not now. 


SPIRIT & INKEE-BEAR:  We want to remember and thank all those hoomans and animals who fought for our country and lost their lives. We're sad that those are lives that could have been and should have been.  We won't forget their sacrifice.


IT'S MOM'S DAY 2020!!


GRACEE:  OMG!!  Mother's Day?  Didn't we just celebrate that? Guess not. I'm getting forgetful. Our Vet says I'm a Senior cat now. Do I look like a Senior cat? I don't feel like a Senior cat. My mirror doesn't tell me I'm a Senior cat.  Do I look like a Senior cat to you, Sophee? 


SOPHEE:  I'm not touching that with a 10-foot pole. I don't know what a Senior cat is anyway.  I do know what a Mean cat is. Hate to tell you, Gracee, but of the four of us, you're the only one that hisses and swats all of us.  


GRACEE:  At least I don't discriminate. I am small, the oldest and in charge. Maybe I have to be mean.




As told by: Gracee Sophee
May 10 2020

SOPHEE:  Maybe you were born mean. You're in charge alright. I don't know a Senior cat from a Junior cat. I do know that folks won't believe this but we have the same fur ball Mom.


GRACEE:  You look like our mom and I --  I look exactly like my dad.


SOPHEE:  I remember your dad. He'd be stalking around the house with that red mane of his. He was a scary dude. My dad was different -- he was all black and laid back.  


GRACEE:  Enough with the Dad's. It's Mother's Day and has been all day!  So what if we're a wee bit late sending our Mom's Day thanks and good wishes.


SOPHEE & GRACEE:  Here's hoping that all of you hooman, feline, canine, primates, marsupials and whatever else is out there, have/had a purrfectly pawsome Mom's Day! We need you and, although we may not show it most of the time, we love you.



GRACEE:  Know what my fav pastime is? You got it. And I'm doing it. This is exactly how I'm going to spend the rest of Mom's Day. So chill out, snuggle with your fur ball and stay safe.



SOPHEE:  Ditto, Gracee. It's also my fav time of day -- catnap time. Sweet dreams and purrs to all you hooman Moms who are lucky enough to love us. 




INKEE-BEAR:  Like my box?  I have it all to myself!  This box came from Mary at Corsica Deli.  Know how I know?  We cats have super sensitive sniffers. Mine detects turkey, cheese, avocado, and bacon. That means my hooman's fav sandwich -- the turkey club -- was in this box.  Our hooman is so weird.  She only eats half the sandwich and puts the other half in the fridge. Not me!  I inhale every morsel set in front of me.  And, remember, it never hurts to ask for more!

Apr 24 2020

SPIRIT:  I was wondering where you were.  Cool box, huh?


INKEE-BEAR: Groan.  It WAS a cool box. Haven't you heard of social distancing?   Spirit, this box is clearly not big enough for both of us.


SPIRIT:  Yes it is.  Besides, it's time to groom & nap.


INKEE-BEAR:  It's time to split.  


INKEE-BEAR:  Spirit, I was quarantining.  Now I'm getting smished, the box is bulging and you're not wearing a mask.


SPIRIT:  Neither are you so stop with the whining.  The box will survive us. We always nap together -- it's fun.


INKEE-BEAR:  From your pathological perspective.


SPIRIT:  Hey!  Wait!  Where you goin?!  It's nap time. Inkee-Bear!  Inkee-Bear?  

SPIRIT:  He's just being a sore-head.  So what if the box was too small and bulging at the side? Cats can nap anywhere -- in, on, or under either a big or small box -- size doesn't matter.  Sigh.  Don't tell him but I know where he's going.  I know where to find him.

SPIRIT:  Found you!  I knew where you'd be.


INKEE-BEAR:  I have an idea.  Why don't you go back to the box and wait for me there.


SPIRIT:  You're puttin me on. That's not a good idea.  If I go back to the box, you'll stay here. 


INKEE-BEAR:  That's the most intelligent conclusion I've ever heard from you.  Have you heard about social distancing?  We should be at least 6 tails apart.  Besides, I want a solo cat nap.  Sometimes, little dude, you are pawsomely irritating!

GRACEE:  Guess who's got the box now. Poor Inkee-Bear.  He loves peace and Spirit's middle name is clearly NOT peace.  Inkee-Bear's pain is my gain if you know what I mean.  Stay home, stay safe and remember, if you do go out, arm yourself -- with not just your mask but gloves for your paws too.  Especially if you're gonna be swatting anyone, I mean anything.

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