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by Gracee on Oct 4 2017 Add Comment

Meowmuh needed help for a few days after she got out of the hospital 'cause she's the only hooman that takes care of us. She wanted hoomans who liked cats & weren't allergic. She found HomeWatch. They liked us & we liked them. Here, HomeWatch's Amalia plays with us.

by Inkee-Bear on Oct 4 2017 Add Comment

I'm helping Meowmuh heal.They replaced her right knee so she has a big oweee. She keeps busy watching TV, reading, doing those awful exercises and giving us all the attention that we deserve, need and love. Our neighbors & friends, Aunties Rika, Sharon & Laurel helped us too. 

by Inkee-Bear on Aug 25 2017 Add Comment

My fav thing to do? Ride on Meowmuh's walker. She walks, I ride. Doesn't matter if it's 3 am or 3 pm. She walks, I ride. When it's just sittin' there, if I run fast & jump on it, it rolls.That's a real ride! Read 'Why is the Walker So Heavy?' & 'Meowmuh's New Knee' under MEWS 'N NEWS.

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