SLEEPYPOD'S INSTRUCTIONAL VIDEO (if you can't see the video, click on the Title) -- Sponsored by Sleepypod

Here is Sleepypod's Instructional Video. Optional Accessories are: Air Mesh bedding (for warm weather), Universal Warmer Kit (cold weather), and White Ultra Plush bedding. I used to growl & yowl when I went to the vet in my old carriers for annual checks, shots and nail trims. When pulled out of my carrier, I became a hissing, growling warrior that Meowmuh had to help control. Now they set the Sleepypod on the treatment table with me in it & get my nails trimmed. No growling/hissing. The vet staff were shocked. I feel safe in my Sleepypod. Meowmuh says: "Thank you, Sleepypod."

As told by: Spirit
Feb 23 2018