SLEEPYPOD'S SNIFF PATROL INSPECTION (if you can't see the video, CLICK on this title)

No one gets in this Sleepypod 'til we sniff it out. It's new so it's a wee bit scary but somebody's gotta' do it. This is a Medium Sleepypod for pets under 15 pounds. We both qualify there. There is also a Mini for pets under 7 pounds. Those will be for the girls--betcha' one will be pink & the other red. The colors are: Jet Black, Chocolate Brown, Strawberry Red, Robin Egg Blue, Blossom Pink & for Medium Only - Arctic White. This one is Robin Egg Blue. The Medium is 4-5 pounds, 17" diameter x 6.5" tall. The Mini is 3.3 pounds, 13" diameter x 5" tall. Looks pretty slick, right? 

As told by: Inkee-Bear Spirit
Feb 23 2018