A DIFFERENT SAINT PATRICK'S DAY ( Click here if you can’t see the post)

Mar 17 2020

SPIRIT:  Did you know that today is Saint Patrick's Day?  I wonder if hoomans will be out partying, drinking green beer and turning rivers green like they usually do.  

INKEE-BEAR:  No, hoomans won't be celebrating & partying like they usually do.

SPIRIT:  Well, why not?  It makes them happy, right?  Drinking red or green beer wouldn't make me happy.  But treats and going on stroller rides outside -- that makes me happy.

INKEE-BEAR:  Hoomans aren't partying because they don't want to get sick.  Time for my cat nap. 

SPIRIT:  Sick?  Who's gonna get sick?  Me?  I don't wanna' be sick.  Inkee-Bear!!  Wake up!!  What do you mean sick?

GRACEE:  Earth to Spirit. Haven't you been watching TV? It's that Covid-19 thing. We gotta' take care of our hooman.  You know. Be good.  Oh, I forgot who I was talking to. Some things are just not in the realm of possibility.   Stay safe hoomans.  We need you!