The BlogPaws Conference in South Carolina gave each attendee big swag bags of toys, food, etc.  PetSafe's SlimCat Interactive Cat Feeder was in the bag. I filled the plastic balls with their fav dry food and set them on the floor. Inkee-Bear figured it out first. Each ball holds 2/3 cup of dry food/treats; they are dishwasher safe with BPA-free plastic. It provides small portions while they 'hunt' their food and expend energy. This is not a sponsored ad. This is simply what the Cat Authors do best - eat.



Cats do not like to be bored when they are awake.  Natural predators that they are, they love a toy that they can chase, pounce, capture, carry, bite, and roll around with.  Some toys in our house I buy at the store and some are gifts to my cats from my friends and relatives.   Those are the store-bought toys like the plastic wand with the long strip of brightly colored material on it, the infamous laser, the ball that races around a track and Mousie – Spirit’s favorite toy.  Many toys are laced with catnip which some of my cats are attracted to sometimes.  But the ‘other’ toys?   Over the years, I have learned that there is no predicting what a cat will consider