Hairballs?  Floating, flying cat hair?  Hair stuck to your fabric furniture?  Sound familiar?  My friend said:  "You have to try the FURminator."  I found it at Petco.  It looks like a short metal comb mounted on a thick, sturdy handle that is easy to grip.  It is called a 'DeShedding Tool."  I tried it on the cat authors and got tons of loose hair. But, most important, I used it on the cat trees, all of the fabric furniture that I have...and, guess what?  It removed the cat hair that the vacuum could not remove.  It was a miracle.

The FURminator Online Store ( has grooming tools for cats AND dogs including the above Tool, nail clips/grinders and a variety of ways to clean your cat's coat.  There are different DeShedding Tools for small, medium and large cats as well as for cats with long versus short hair.

I was discombobulated when I observed the cat authors (Spirit in particular) eating little 'floaties' of cat hair from the floor.  Worse yet, they tried to consume the pile of cat hair accumulated during grooming.  When I thought about it, I realized that their hair must not taste 'yukky' to them since they consume a lot of hair anyway just from grooming.  However, despite our best efforts to help them, some cats give us their unappreciated hairballs (especially Gracee).

The FURminator web site reports that cats consume 2/3 of the hair that they shed.  Shedding is natural and cannot be eliminated.  Some cats shed year round like Sophee.  I alternate brushing the cat authors with a regular metal brush and the FURminator Tool.  The web site states that, by using the Tool, the amount of hair in your house can be reduced by 90%.  I can confirm that the shedding in my house has decreased dramatically.