PERSONALITY PER THE INTERNATIONAL CAT ASSOCIATION (TICA):  Scottish Folds/Straights are intelligent, inquisitive and loyal to their family.  They tend not to hide around the house or be shy but they will always be around, even following you from room to room.  Most tend to be one of the breeds that breeders and judges refer to as "four on the floor" kitties. They prefer to be close to you with all four feet on something firm rather than being picked up and carried around.  Some learn cute antics like how to open cabinet doors and take a look inside. They can even be trained to play fetch.  Most love to drink from running water and some eat and drink with their paws.  Most sit up like prairie dogs to have a look around when they hear something.  One of the cutest things is to see a Fold sitting up, relaxing like a human (breeders refer to this as "the Buddha sit").  They look like they need a remote control and a lounge chair!  This breed tends to be somewhat laid back and quiet.  They get along well with both children and, once properly introduced, other family pets as well.  Scotish Folds/Straights today are carefully bred by experienced breeders to produce healthy, happy kittens for you to enjoy for a lifetime.