The Ten Fastest and Most Athletic Domestic Cat Breeds on the planet are:  Egyptian Mau (pictured above -- Spirit), Abyssinian, Somali, Bengal, Savannah, Manx, Siamese, Ocicat and Oriental per Laura Cross of Vet  Read on for more details about these cathletes.

  • The Egyptian Mau is athletic and agile.  One of the Cat Authors, Spirit, is an Egyptian Mau.  He has the ability to run up to 30 mph making him the fastest domestic cat breed on the planet.  If that’s not impressive enough, his powerful legs can usually catapult him to places like your shoulder or the kitchen counter with ease.
  • The Abyssinian rarely willingly sits still.  This athletic breed typically prefers to be in motion.  Channel her energy, intelligence and athleticism by providing food puzzles, teaching her tricks and training her (with the go-ahead from your vet) to do cat agility.
  • The Somali, the longhaired variety of the Abyssinian, possesses an impressive athletic ability.  Her lithe, muscular body and strong slim legs combined with her keen intelligence and playful personality makes her a great breed for trick training, agility and walking on a leash.
  • The Bengal is not the kind of kitty that will be content sitting at your side watching Netflix.  Typical Bengals are always on the go and can usually be found playing fetch, climbing to high places and doing whatever he can to get your attention.  Bengals generally don’t like to be ignored and will demand interaction, even if that means jumping on off-limits countertops or stealing your valuables.
  • The Savannah, originally bred from a serval and a domestic cat, is a wild-looking breed known for her athleticism, intelligence and endless curiosity.  One of her favorite activities is climbing to high places—and her long body and long legs help her get up higher than you probably thought a cat could go.  If you share your home with a Savannah, make sure any spot she might be tempted to climb to is secured and safe.
  • The Manx may not have a tail but that doesn’t slow him down.  He can jump and accelerate through the house like there’s no tomorrow.  Watch for his sharp turns and quick stops – you’ll think he’s a mini sports car in the shape of a cat.
  • The Siamese, when she’s not trying to “talk” to you, is endlessly curious and active. She turns on faucets, opens cabinets and finds new hiding spots.  Help keep her out of trouble by giving her food puzzles, teaching her tricks and (health permitting) training her to do agility.  Just be ready.  Your Siamese will probably try to train you.
  • The Ocicat was built for speed and agility.  His frame is large, solid and muscular and he was bred from
    Abyssinians, Siamese and American Shorthairs – all athletic breeds.  Ocicats tend to be sociable, so keep him busy by involving him in your life whenever possible.
  • The Oriental is long, lithe and svelte. She becomes very attached to her favorite humans and demands that they entertain her.  If you’re not around for parts of the day, she’s likely capable of entertaining herself so don’t be surprised to find her on top of the refrigerator or opening drawers.



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