Does your cat have the "midnight crazies?"  The AWW! Bloggers call their cats' crazies episodes:  the witching hour, psycho mode, zoomies, monster mode, cat circus, getting the demons out and post-poop party.  These temporary losses of sanity are called midnight crazies because they occur at night.  One theory is that domesticated cats, like their ancestors, instinctively come alive at night because that is when their prey is most available.  Others theorize that since a cat spends so much time sleeping that their energy is stored up and the crazies are actually energy surges.


Inkee-Bear has just turned from cat to wild-a-beast.

Oh, oh. Inkee-Bear has the crazies! I'll be safe sitting in this box. He's roaring & rumbling through the house at break neck speed, jumping in the air & crashing into things. His eyes? Huge & wild! Like a wild-a-beast! (wildebeest).

As told by: Sophee
Jul 30 2015