NATIONAL BLACK CAT DAY - SUNDAY NOV 17 (If you can't see Inkee-Bear in this GIF, click HERE)

Yes, it's another Black Cat Day -- National Black Cat Day, that is.  This time it's on Sunday, November 17.  We are many different breeds  -- we are male & female.  We may look serious & mysterious but we love to be silly, cuddle & purr. Next time you adopt, go with one of us.  You won't regret it.

As told by: Inkee-Bear
Nov 15 2019

BLESS YOU (If you can't see this GIF, CLICK HERE)

It's been a long day. Sigh. Found my fav bag -- sniffed it -- rolled 'n groomed on it -- now it's time to say good night. Bless my sibs, my hooman & you; love all of them including you. Promise you'll sleep tight all night &, whatever you do, don't let the bed bugs bite.

As told by: Spirit
Jan 25 2019