So, you think aluminum foil will keep cats out of your planters?  Well, think again.

My little brother, Inkee, is very small for a guy.  But his ideas are really big!  Meowmuh puts sheets of aluminum foil around her big plants to keep us out. My older brother, Tigger, doesn't like the aluminum foil so we have never gone in the plants.  But Inkee?  I watch and I don't believe my eyes!  He jumps up into one of the biggest planters, stands on one sheet of foil, grabs another sheet and pulls it out of the planter to the floor.

Inkee's eyes are big and shining!  He takes one edge of the huge, shiny foil sheet and starts skittering with it down the hallway towards Meowmuh's bedroom.   It is flapping so I grab the other edge. Now we are both running with it between us. Suddenly, Meowmuh sits straight up in bed.  The crinkling and crackling from the flapping aluminum woke her up. Now it's her eyes that are huge.  Her mouth opens as if she is going to say something but then she starts laughing.  Phew.  I thought we were  gonna' be in BIG trouble.  Just an FYI, aluminum foil might keep some cats out of your plants, but, as you can see, not all cats.

As told by: Gracee
Aug 3 2011


Hah! Love it!