I am so sleepy.

It is early morning when I am put in my brand new tan carrier lined with a gold, leopard-spotted blanket.  Am I going back to the vet to get another shot?  No, no vet yet.  But I have been in this carrier all day....from Wichita, Kansas to Dallas, Texas and now to Los Angeles.  My carrier, now on a cart, lurches into a big room filled with wall to wall big boxes, crates and barking dogs...also in carriers. I guess they like it about as much as I do.  Finally, someone  picks up my carrier and we enter an even bigger room full of even more boxes and people.  Although I am glad to get away from the barking, howling dogs,  I don't like this room so I complain LOUDLY.  I mean loudly.  A lady walks towards me.  What does she want?  She is shaking her head in disbelief. Maybe she can help me so I let out my loudest, longest yowl.

She leans over my carrier, looks at me and exclaims:  "I have never heard anything so teeny make so much noise!"  People laugh.  She signs papers, picks up my carrier (I am still in it) and she and her friend, Sharon, carry me out of that noisy room to a car.   Whew.  It is finally quiet.  She sits the carrier on her lap and  talks to me.  I like the sound of her voice so I stop yowling to listen. 

She smiles at me, blinks her eyes slowly and says:  "Oh, how handsome you are!"   Me?  Handsome?  Wow!  I wiggle and roll around on my yowling now. She says:  "I am your Meowmuh. You remind me so much of my beloved cat, Tigger.  You have his energy and his spirit so I will call you Spirit."  She laughs, opens my carrier door, tickles my tummy and scratches my really big ears.  This is a good thing.  I breathe a sigh of relief.  Now that I know who I am, I can rest abit.    I wrap my paws around her warm hand and go sound asleep on my gold, leopard-spotted blanket in my tan carrier.

I wake up in a quiet room with toys, food, water and a litter box. Meowmuh stays with me all through my first day.  She talks to me; plays with me and picks me up and holds me in her arms.  I run through the room and attack my toys.  She laughs.   She tells me I am special...and I believe her.  I pull myself up into the window box just above her desk; I can see that it is dark out.  It is the end of the day.  Meowmuh takes her sweatshirt off and drapes it over the top of a cat tree.  She picks me up and places me in the middle of that sweatshirt.  She tells me it is time to sleep...and she is right, it is time to sleep.  I can hardly keep my eyes open as you can see in the picture below.  I lay my head down and, surrounded by her sweatshirt' s softness and her odors,  I take a deep breath, close my eyes and go sound anyone can clearly see in the picture above.  It has been a long day.

As told by: Spirit
Feb 9 2013


Such a young jet-setter! Hi Dorene, I'm just testing comments. I'm not currently logged-in.

Wow! Jeff left a comment for me too? I never thought of myself as a jet-setter...but I know I am fast. Thank mew, thank mew. -- Spirit

I remember how much you cried when we picked you up at the airport, that tiny little cry but so loud. Now you own the house:))

Oh, she sent me a comment? Meowzirr!!! That makes me 'rolling-on-my-back' and 'tickle-my-tummy' happy!. Thank mew. Thank mew. -- Spirit