SEE SOPHEE'S NEW GAME: "PUM-KIN PLUMMET" (If you can't see this video, click HERE)

I've got this pum-kin goin' now, fur shure. While I'm playin' -- Meowmuh wants to warn all you 2- & 4-legged critters out there -- watch us so we don't eat somethin' that'll make us sick cause, I don't know about you, but I don't want to be rushed to any 4-legged critters' emergency hospital. So, be sure & READ the "Safety Tips for Thanks-What?" Article.  Oh, oh -- my pum-kin just plummeted right outa' our cat tree!  Don't forget --be safe; be thankful for your own food, your home & get all the attention you can today --without gettin' in the way of course.

As told by: Sophee
Nov 17 2018