The Best Overall Plan for Turkey Day:  Do not feed cats from the Thanksgiving Day spread.  Keep your cat secured in a place where they can escape the hubbub of meal prep and guests coming in and out.

Do not leave food on the kitchen counter while dinner is served and being ingested.

Plants and flowers:  All parts of a Lily are toxic to cats and can be fatal to your cat.  Watch all centerpieces.

Onions, garlic & some spices:  No, toxic

Butter, sour cream, bacon drippings:  No, too high in fat.

Turkey:  only a bite – remove skin and bones.  Turkey bones can kill a cat.

Stuffing:  No, because usually contains onions &/or garlic – both are toxic.

Mashed Potatoes:  very small amount ok but only if doesn’t have butter, cheese, sour cream or bacon.

Gravy:  No, too rich.

Sweet potatoes:  1 or 2 bites if no brown sugar or marshmallows

Green beans:  Ok, but only in a small amount but no butter or fried onion toppings

Carrots:  bite size pieces of cooked or raw but no sugary glaze

Cranberry sauce:  May be too tart and avoid sugary, bourbon-laden versions.

Pumpkin pie:  No, for any pumpkin pie mix.  They can eat a few bites of pure, canned pumpkin in small quantities – can cause diarrhea.  The pumpkin that they eat should not be the pumpkin for pie fillings.


Also, watch for open fireplaces and candles.  Cats can get burned and they can knock over a burning candle and cause major, if not fatal damage.

Potpourri, herbs & oils maybe toxic if ingested.

Strings around turkeys and hams can be especially tempting to cats.  Strings, ribbons, and threads can become caught in their intestinal tract…sometimes causing irreparable damage.

                  Information for this article was obtained from the following sites:  Vetstreet and Pet MD.


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