SPIRIT:  We're celebrating what today?


SOPHEE:  Memorial Day -- used to be called Decoration  Day. (Remembrance Day is a Holiday celebrated in other countries on our Veterans Day. My apologies.)


SPIRIT:  In memory of what?


SOPHEE:  In memory of all the animals and hoomans killed in wars.


SPIRIT:  Killed?  What's war?


SOPHEE:  It's kinda' like a big fight.  It's a hooman thing, I guess.


SPIRIT:  Why do they have wars and what makes them fight anyway?  Hoomans are smart, right?


As told by: Inkee-Bear Sophee Spirit
May 25 2020

SOPHEE:  I don't have a clue.  Ask Inkee-Bear.  He's the house-sage.


SOPHEE:  Inkee-Bear, are hoomans really smart and, if they are, what makes them want to fight and have wars?


INKEE-BEAR:  Yes, hoomans are supposed to be smart.  But this war thing they do and why they do it -- it's complicated.  Sometimes they want to be the most powerful, to have the most territory, to rule the most people, to defend themselves -- greed, vanity and so much more.  Like I said, it's complicated.


SPIRIT:  Are we are at war now?


INKEE-BEAR:  Not now. 


SPIRIT & INKEE-BEAR:  We want to remember and thank all those hoomans and animals who fought for our country and lost their lives. We're sad that those are lives that could have been and should have been.  We won't forget their sacrifice.