IT'S MOM'S DAY 2020!!


GRACEE:  OMG!!  Mother's Day?  Didn't we just celebrate that? Guess not. I'm getting forgetful. Our Vet says I'm a Senior cat now. Do I look like a Senior cat? I don't feel like a Senior cat. My mirror doesn't tell me I'm a Senior cat.  Do I look like a Senior cat to you, Sophee? 


SOPHEE:  I'm not touching that with a 10-foot pole. I don't know what a Senior cat is anyway.  I do know what a Mean cat is. Hate to tell you, Gracee, but of the four of us, you're the only one that hisses and swats all of us.  


GRACEE:  At least I don't discriminate. I am small, the oldest and in charge. Maybe I have to be mean.




As told by: Gracee Sophee
May 10 2020

SOPHEE:  Maybe you were born mean. You're in charge alright. I don't know a Senior cat from a Junior cat. I do know that folks won't believe this but we have the same fur ball Mom.


GRACEE:  You look like our mom and I --  I look exactly like my dad.


SOPHEE:  I remember your dad. He'd be stalking around the house with that red mane of his. He was a scary dude. My dad was different -- he was all black and laid back.  


GRACEE:  Enough with the Dad's. It's Mother's Day and has been all day!  So what if we're a wee bit late sending our Mom's Day thanks and good wishes.


SOPHEE & GRACEE:  Here's hoping that all of you hooman, feline, canine, primates, marsupials and whatever else is out there, have/had a purrfectly pawsome Mom's Day! We need you and, although we may not show it most of the time, we love you.



GRACEE:  Know what my fav pastime is? You got it. And I'm doing it. This is exactly how I'm going to spend the rest of Mom's Day. So chill out, snuggle with your fur ball and stay safe.



SOPHEE:  Ditto, Gracee. It's also my fav time of day -- catnap time. Sweet dreams and purrs to all you hooman Moms who are lucky enough to love us.