Do you think your cat ‘knows’ what to do to get you to play with them and laugh?  We see countless videos and GIFs of cats being silly and doing silly things on YouTube.  Many times the cat/kitten is only using his innate predatory skills and showing amazing agility with funny leaps and bounds.  But some of the cats seem to be 'performing' for their hooman.  So, I do wonder:

  •  Are cats/kittens oblivious to our presence and being silly only to please themselves?   -or-
  • Are cats/kittens aware of our presence and deliberately planning/trying to get us, their hoomans, to notice them so we will play with them and laugh? 

Maybe it isn’t an either-or; maybe it is both.   I also wonder if they interpret a hooman's laughter as similar to their purring.  Maybe our laughter does show our contentment.  So, do they ‘want to’ and ‘plan to’ get us hoomans to play and laugh (be content)?  I think that, at times, they do plan and know what to do to get us hoomans to notice them, to engage and play with them, and to get us to laugh.

            I am posting a video of Inkee-Bear who, from my point of view, is being silly.  I think I know what he is thinking.  He is all wide-eyed, squirming, wiggling and excited.  I think that he wants me to notice him, to play with him, to talk with him and laugh.  And, of course, I do.  I do all of those things and more.  I notice him, I talk to him, I laugh, I reach in my pocket and take my iPhone out, I start the video, I talk some more, I laugh and, after the video is off, I give him a good ‘scratch’ which results in more wide-eyed rolling, wriggling and silliness.  But did he intend to get me to laugh?  Did he plan it?  Or did I just happen to be ‘on the scene’ when he started his squirming and wiggling act?   

            Inkee-Bear ‘says’ on this posting that he ‘knows’ how to get his two-legged critter-hooman's attention and get me, his hooman, to laugh.  But he goes a step further in his posting.  He wants to teach his four-legged critter-meowies, friends and followers out there how to get noticed by their two-legged critter-hoomans and to get us hoomans to play and laugh.  I will have to admit that his routine as you see on his little video always works with this two-legged critter-hooman!

How about your four-legged critter-meowie?  Does your cat ‘plan’ to be silly to get your attention so you will play with him/her and laugh?  The Cat Authors and I would love to hear from you.  Click on the ‘Contact” tab at the top of the Cat Author’s Menu bar on their blog and let us know if you think your cat sometimes schemes and hatches a ‘plan’ to get you to play and laugh. 



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by Inkee-Bear
on Apr 17 2016

Hey, all U 4-legged, furry meowies. Watch this video reel close! U will learn how 2 make your hooman play wid U & laf. There R definite steps 2 follow. Success is within the reach of your paw; C my blueprint plan in the below posting....

Inked-Bear 'cons' his hooman 2 play wid' him.
by Inkee-Bear
on Apr 12 2016

C me get my hooman 2 play & laf wid me. I'll teach ya' how. Start on your back, stare up at your hooman with wide, wide eyes, then wiggle, roll and squirm from your back 2 your side & 2 your back again. If she calls your name, Score 1. If...