Have you ever found yourself walking up and down and back and forth in the cat food aisle at the store?  I have. Isn’t it enough that I read the ingredients and labels for my own food?  Now I have to do it for the Cat Authors too?  The simple answer is:  “Yes.”  So, what should I be looking for to choose the right food for the Cat Authors?

When I go to the store, I see cat owners moving back and forth along the cat food aisles.  They move slowly, look carefully, pick-up a can or sack of food, read, put it back, pick-up another can or sack, etc.  In contrast, dog owners walk directly to the dog food, grab the bag or can and move on.  I accept that we love our animals the same.  Cats are just different.  Dogs tend to woof their food down in seconds.  Cats…well, they are picky, finicky eaters.  So, we try to please them.

Inkee-Bear and Gracee are both on special veterinary-prescribed food.  Inkee-Bear has a chronic intestinal malfunction and Gracee has Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS).  My friend, Lynne, works at a natural food pet store.  So, I am interested in what really makes good food for our cats.  I am going to do a few articles on this subject.  This will be the first and is taken from PetPlace’s article on “What to Avoid and What to Look For” when selecting food for our cats.



  • BHA, BHT, ethoxyquin, propylene glycol and sodium selenite – these are dangerous chemicals.
  • Meat,” “Meat-Meal,” and “Meat By Products” – these are unspecified protein sources.
  • Corn, Whey, Soy and Beat Pulp – unhealthy grains and fillers
  • Products from China and Rendering Plants – these have poorly-regulated ingredients
  • Onions, Grapes, Garlic and Avocados –these are known toxins for cats.



  • Fish, Chicken, Beef, Duck, Liver and Eggs – these are whole proteins.
  • Oats and Quinoa – these are sources of whole grain.
  • Omega-3 Fatty Acids, Glucosamine and Chondroitin – these are bonus healthy nutrients
  • Certified Organic – meaning free of synthetic additives
  • Vitamins C & E –these are natural preservatives
  • Sweet Potatoes, Pears and Carrots – these are good fruits and vegetables.


The article suggests, once you have determined what you want to buy, that one option is online food delivery.  I have not personally tried this but reportedly, you can save time and money because some online companies offer deals on pricing and shipping.  It also allows you to compare brands, read labels and make better-informed food decisions for your cat while sitting in the comfort of your own home.  It will also save me from standing and pacing up and down cat food store aisles looking and deliberating.  I searched “online cat food shopping.”  One of the most extensive food product listings appears to be with  I have never ordered or done business from or with them.  I will try it and update with my experience.  There are many other alternatives.

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