Hiding is a natural cat behavior; it is not always a negative behavior.  Cats are uniquely predator and prey.  Thus, the ability to hide is important.  Most cats like to hide in quiet, dark spaces.  Cats in the wild look for places to hide to watch for prey and to be protected from prey.  Even while cats doze, they can be hyper-vigilant.  An enclosed hiding place helps cats relax and feel secure. 

As caretakers, it is our responsibility to create hiding places for our cats.  If they don’t have a place to hide, they can become frightened and stressed.  Multiple cat households must have hiding places available.  Spirit & Inkee-Bear hide up high whereas Gracee hides at ground level. A specific hiding place can be a cozy napping area for one cat and a sanctuary for another.  Sophee & Gracee have their sanctuaries scoped out.  They know just how fast they have to run to dive into their sanctuary.


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