Does your cat like to sleep on top of you?  The experts say it is a common feline behavior. Why do they sleep on us?  It's probably a combination of factors.  Cats love warmth.  I have watched Inkee-Bear as he inches his body across a room to stay in the sun’s warm rays.  So, maybe they sleep on us to keep warm.  Cats sleep 15 hours per day.  They are experts at finding the coziest spot to sleep.  Sometimes that is on top of us.  At our house, Sophee and Spirit jump on the bed as soon as I get into bed.  They settle somewhere on me.  Do they go to sleep right away?  No.  Before they can sleep, they perform a rather elaborate, (sometimes exhausting) yoga-like grooming procedure that ends when they curl up and close their eyes.  Loud purring usually erupts with a rather quick transition to cat-dreamland.  Maybe they feel safe and secure when they are sleeping on us.  Of course, the last consideration is that our cats love us and simply want to be with us.  Needless to say, I love being with them. Good night to each of you from the Cat Authors.


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