cat & dog differences


This is a still pic of me bag-ripping.

Check out the preceding videos of the bag-ripping competition between me and my canine-cocker-cousin, Lulu.  Then check out the "Differences:  Cats vs Dogs" article under LATEST NEWS or MEWS 'N NEWS.

As told by: Sophee
Dec 13 2015


There are many differences between cats and dogs.  Some of the differences are listed below:

  • EATING:   Cats eat carefully requiring at least several minutes (sometimes longer) to eat; they can be finicky eaters.  Senior cats require even more time to eat, tipping their head from side to side while chewing.  Cats cannot be fasted; quick weight loss diets can cause life-threatening complications (liver failure, etc).

Dogs devour their food seemingly in a matter of seconds.  They can tolerate a lack of food much longer than cats.