I can do it.  I can catch that car!  Just watch me.

My REAL challenge?  Cat-ching prey on this TV screen.  I might only be a kitten but I was born to hunt and cat-ch things...any thing!  It takes skill, stealth and a big dose of patience. My prey moves really fast but they aren't faster than me.  I get really close....well, how else are you going to cat-ch anything?!  Watch me, I'll cat-ch this one, I will, I will! 

I can run and jump and turn as fast as any of those cars!  I am the Danica Patrick of the cat world!  Danica goes FAST, really fast!  But, Danica, you need to know that I can do things that you can't.  For example, I can jump from the floor straight up onto the third shelf of Meowmuh's refrigerator...and that's a refrigerator with a freezer on the bottom.   And I can climb to the top of the highest cabinet!  As a matter of fact, I climb so high that the tips of my ears rub against the ceiling.  Just an FYI, I don't just cat-ch cars, I also cat-ch soccer balls, basketballs, footballs, the hands of people who talk and wave their hands at the same time as well as the words streaming at the bottom of the TV screen.  Meowmah says I would get more out of reading but me, personally, I love the TV screen.

Oh, one more thing Danica and I have in common.  She races for Go-Daddy and our name, is registered with Go-Daddy.  Some coincidence, huh?  Go figure.

As told by: Gracee
May 29 2011