Ok, ok.  So, it took me a few days to find my tree.

I found the best spot yet...a cat tree.  If I squish myself really flat, no one can see me.  But if I sit up, I can see the whole downstairs.  Right around the corner is the food room, I know they call it a kat-chen...but to me, it's the food room.  If I hear anything from there, I jump down to investigate. Yesterday, I heard a noise. Meowmuh was opening the refrigerator door.  Was she getting food for me?  To see better, I jumped straight up from the floor into the refrigerator...onto the third shelf up...that's pretty good, right?  She said:  "Oh, no!!" and then she started laughing.  She reached into the refrigerator, picked me up with both hands, cuddled me and told me not to do that anymore...that it is dangerous.  What is dangerous?  It was kind of cold.  But I wanted to look too...just like she was.

As told by: Gracee
May 29 2011