INKEE-BEAR:  Like my box?  I have it all to myself!  This box came from Mary at Corsica Deli.  Know how I know?  We cats have super sensitive sniffers. Mine detects turkey, cheese, avocado, and bacon. That means my hooman's fav sandwich -- the turkey club -- was in this box.  Our hooman is so weird.  She only eats half the sandwich and puts the other half in the fridge. Not me!  I inhale every morsel set in front of me.  And, remember, it never hurts to ask for more!

Apr 24 2020

SPIRIT:  I was wondering where you were.  Cool box, huh?


INKEE-BEAR: Groan.  It WAS a cool box. Haven't you heard of social distancing?   Spirit, this box is clearly not big enough for both of us.


SPIRIT:  Yes it is.  Besides, it's time to groom & nap.


INKEE-BEAR:  It's time to split.  


INKEE-BEAR:  Spirit, I was quarantining.  Now I'm getting smished, the box is bulging and you're not wearing a mask.


SPIRIT:  Neither are you so stop with the whining.  The box will survive us. We always nap together -- it's fun.


INKEE-BEAR:  From your pathological perspective.


SPIRIT:  Hey!  Wait!  Where you goin?!  It's nap time. Inkee-Bear!  Inkee-Bear?  

SPIRIT:  He's just being a sore-head.  So what if the box was too small and bulging at the side? Cats can nap anywhere -- in, on, or under either a big or small box -- size doesn't matter.  Sigh.  Don't tell him but I know where he's going.  I know where to find him.

SPIRIT:  Found you!  I knew where you'd be.


INKEE-BEAR:  I have an idea.  Why don't you go back to the box and wait for me there.


SPIRIT:  You're puttin me on. That's not a good idea.  If I go back to the box, you'll stay here. 


INKEE-BEAR:  That's the most intelligent conclusion I've ever heard from you.  Have you heard about social distancing?  We should be at least 6 tails apart.  Besides, I want a solo cat nap.  Sometimes, little dude, you are pawsomely irritating!

GRACEE:  Guess who's got the box now. Poor Inkee-Bear.  He loves peace and Spirit's middle name is clearly NOT peace.  Inkee-Bear's pain is my gain if you know what I mean.  Stay home, stay safe and remember, if you do go out, arm yourself -- with not just your mask but gloves for your paws too.  Especially if you're gonna be swatting anyone, I mean anything.