Have you ever moved a piece of furniture in your house and noticed your cat’s reaction?  They will stop, look at it, walk over to it, walk around it, sniff it, rub against it and maybe jump on it.  Or how about bringing groceries or anything new into the house?  Like most cats, the Cat Authors’ curiosity takes over.  Like possessed critters, their curiosity pulls them towards the object.  Sometimes they approach slowly, cautiously, an inch off the floor and other times they race, seemingly fearless and wanting to be the first to ‘find out’ what it is and what it isn’t.

Cats are predators so it is imperative that they know their surroundings.  They need to know when their world or environment changes, where they can hide as well as what they can discover.  As Pamela Merritt wrote in her Way of Cats blog:  “All cats exist in a constant state of tension between caution and curiosity.  One emotion pushes them forward, the other holds them back.  As long as they don’t know, they will be drawn to discovery.”  It appears they are irresistibly drawn to discovery.

As stated in the related post, the well known saying:

Curiosity killed the cat but

Satisfaction brought him back.

Their urgent need to investigate might pose risks but it is also important to their health and safety to be familiar with their surroundings.  Furthermore, it appears that, once their ‘investigation’ is complete, they are indeed satisfied.

Information for this article is based on the quote from the Way of Cats blog by Pamela Merritt and from my own observations of the Cat Authors and other cats that have graced my life.





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by Inkee-Bear
on Jun 4 2016

So, what's the big friggin' deal? It's our drawer...our wet food, our toys. Besides, I'm not the first cat to investigate a drawer. Curiosity gets the best of every cat I know...especially Sophee and yes, Spirit too. You know what they say: "...