Have you ever moved a piece of furniture in your house and noticed your cat’s reaction?  They will stop, look at it, walk over to it, walk around it, sniff it, rub against it and maybe jump on it.  Or how about bringing groceries or anything new into the house?  Like most cats, the Cat Authors’ curiosity takes over.  Like possessed critters, their curiosity pulls them towards the object.  Sometimes they approach slowly, cautiously, an inch off the floor and other times they race, seemingly fearless and wanting to be the first to ‘find out’ what it is and what it isn’t.


Meowmuh, what's that noise? It's coming from this cabinet. Spirit hears it too. Better open the door right away!! Oh...whew. It's just Sophee. That little girl's curiosity gets her closed in more closets, drawers, cupboards..anywhere you can think of & some places you can't think of. I worry 'bout her 'cause she's my little sister.

As told by: Gracee
Jun 4 2016


Inked-Bear caught being curious...again.

So, what's the big friggin' deal? It's our drawer...our wet food, our toys. Besides, I'm not the first cat to investigate a drawer. Curiosity gets the best of every cat I know...especially Sophee and yes, Spirit too. You know what they say: "Curiosity killed a cat BUT satisfaction brought him back." Be sure to watch our 'Curiosity' video.

As told by: Inkee-Bear
Jun 4 2016