We were just playing; Inkee-Bear didn't mean to cut my eye.

It is midnight. Inkee and I are rolling around on the carpet near Meowmuh's office chair. We are helping her write on her cat-puter. Oh, oh, something is wrong with my eye.  It hurts!  I stop playing and sit by Meowmuh's chair.  I try to look up at her but I can't see very well.  Meowmuh looks down at me.. 

 Meowmuh gasps:  "Oh no!  What happened to your eye? It's all white!!  Where is your eye?"  She keeps repeating:  "I have to stay calm, I have to stay calm."  She runs to the phone.  She scoops me up, puts me in my carrier, plunks it on the front seat of her car and we speed off down the freeway.  We pull into a parking is so dark out.  Meowmuh rushes me inside.  The veterinarian pulls me from my carrier.  She and her assistants take a long look at my eye.

The veterinarian announces:  "Gracee has a deep corneal laceration.  She is in a lot of pain.   We will have to remove her eye."

"No, no!!   You can't remove her eye,".Meowmuh exclaims. "She is just a baby and she has such beautiful, big gold eyes!   Please, please give her something for pain.  I don't want her to hurt. I will take her to an eye specialist in the morning."  Thy give me something for my pain.  I want to tell them to give Meowmuh something too because she seems pretty upset but I go to sleep. Meowmuh doesn't leave me.  She tries to sleep on a wooden bench at the emergency hospital until the clinic that has the eye vet opens. 

It is morning now.  We drive through traffic on the freeways to the special clinic. Meowmuh  carries me inside.  They know I am coming and take me right away...I am an emergency. I am the most important feline in the whole clinic. The eye specialist confirms that I have a deep corneal laceration.  They take my blood, centrifuge it and make it into a serum...I think they call it plasma.  They will put the serum/plasma back in my eye as eye drops.  What are eye drops?  The really bad news?  I can't go home!  I have to stay in the hospital! a cage! 

The clinic staff keep saying:  "Oh, look how cute she is.  Look at that face."  They bring toys and play with me.  That is the good part.  The bad part is....the drops.  And, oh no, here they come with those drops again!!  They give me five different drops six times per day (every four hours) for four days.  I hate those drops!!   But I can see more and more out of that eye and it hurts less and less.  

Today is day Four.  They are calling Meowmuh and telling her I can be released today! The eye is completely healed.   Meowmuh is here!  Finally!  I scramble into the safety of my very own carrier with its soft blanket. Meowmuh is laughing as we speed out of the parking lot, climb on the freeway and head home.

As told by: Gracee
Aug 9 2011


You have become a beautiful princess!