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This Woolsey Fire kitty victim is being treated for his injuries. The Santa Ana winds blew the flames so fast that animals didn't know which way to go and many couldn't be caught by their owners before they themselves had to flee. Fortunately, there are hooman angels that went into the charred, still smoking neighborhoods and rescued what animals they could find. Some hid under cars, some waited on the front doorstep of their totally burned out home, some wouldn't be caught but managed to survive.

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Confusion reigned for wildlife in the aftermath of the Paradise Fire in Northern CA in 2018. Experts say that the fire traveled football field lengths in a matter of seconds due to the Santa Ana winds. The single road in-&-out of Paradise was jammed & fraught with obstacles like fallen trees, electrical wires & utility poles. 

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Fire Captain Millosovich carried a cage of kittens out of harms way. He told AP Photgrapher Noah Berger that the cage fell from the bed of a pick-up truck as an evacuee drove to safety during the Paradise Fire in Northern CA in 2018.  A few of the kittens are orange like me. I'm not only the oldest cat in our house but I'm the only ORANGE cat in our house.  Saving kittens, particularly orange kittens, makes him a purr-fect hooman.

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This fire was a year after our fire, the Creek Fire. These Woolsey Fire flames are like monsters bearing down on this lone firefighter. These firefighters run TO the flames!  We run AWAY! They work 36 hour shifts, sleep on the ground -- no catnaps for these heroes. They're super hoomans!

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Here we were helpin' our hooman clean ALL the window sills after that fire.  We're always tryin' to help out around the house, know what I mean?  The smokey smell inside the house was gone but we had to get rid of all that black, dirty, smelly soot stuff in the window sills.  Otherwise, it was going to smell up our house again when we opened our windows.  So Inkee-Bear and I were tryin' to help our hooman clean ALL the window sills. It was a tough job but somebody had to do it. Sigh.  READ our hooman's "Creek Fire 2 Year Anniversary (Dec 5)" article re our evacuation!

DECEMBER 5: THE CREEK FIRE TWO YEAR ANNIVERSARY (If you can't see this video, click here)
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You can see in this video that it wasn't just hoomans and little animals that had to evacuate, it was big animals too. I'm not afraid to admit it,  I was worried. We didn't know what was going on. There were orange pieces of something flying through the air - our hooman said they were hot embers. Our hooman and Auntie Rika were rushing around tossing things in their cars. All we could do was wait. We stayed at Auntie Rika's one night then we had to go to a boarding place. Made us sick.  We finally came home. Read the "Creek Fire 2 Year Anniversay (Dec 5)" article.

DECEMBER 5, 2019: THE CREEK FIRE TWO YEAR ANNIVERSARY (If you can't see this video, click here)
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I don't know about my siblings but I was terrified.  The wind kept tossing things at the back of our house all night.  We tried to sleep.  I crawled under the covers. I never did sleep. Our hooman finally went to sleep but then she woke up and ran to the windows, threw open the shutters and ran out of the house.  We kept hearing that "chop-chop-chop" noise over our house.  When our hooman returned, she fed us and next thing we knew, we were in our carriers in the car! Read the "The Creek Fire 2 Year Anniversary (Dec. 5)" article.

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SPIRIT:  I'm a pilgrim -- I pilgrimaged from a foreign land -- Egypt! I'm an Egyptian Mau.  INKEE-BEAR:  If you're from Egypt, then I'm from Scotland cause I'm a Scottish Fold. Duh. You came from Kansas, remember? You flew from Wichita to Dallas to Los Angeles & our hooman brought you to OUR home. SPIRIT:   Kansas is in Egypt!  INKEE BEAR:  Not. Sigh. I give up.

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Gracee, you don't believe me do you? Turkeys can fly!  Wild turkeys that is, not the turkeys raised on farms.  Sophee, I don't believe anything you meow! So prove it. We'll watch for a flying turkey.  Betcha we'll be here next week waitin' & watchin.'  Gracee, doubt we'll see one here 'cause wild turkeys are mostly on the East Coast, not the West Coast.  We're on the West Coast, remember?


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Are you a wild turkey or a domestic turkey? There's a difference. Our hooman says wild turkeys: eat off the ground, roost in trees, can fly @ 40 to 50 mph but only for short distances,  can run on terra firma @ 12 mph, & are adept swimmers. They move through water by tucking their wings in close, spreading their tails & kicking! Who knew?  (Domestic turkeys are bred to be unable to fly.)

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Let's celebrate National Black Cat Day on Sunday, Nov 17 by giving treats, playtime, a good cuddle & lotsa' love to your black cat. If you're going to adopt a cat, adopt a black cat &/or kitten. You won't be sorry. Just ask my hooman!  

NATIONAL BLACK CAT DAY - SUNDAY NOV 17 (If you can't see Inkee-Bear in this GIF, click HERE)
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Yes, it's another Black Cat Day -- National Black Cat Day, that is.  This time it's on Sunday, November 17.  We are many different breeds  -- we are male & female.  We may look serious & mysterious but we love to be silly, cuddle & purr. Next time you adopt, go with one of us.  You won't regret it.

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Our hooman's Great-Uncle, Eugene, was drafted (lists of new draftees were published in local newspapers) to the Great War/WWI. He was captured by the Germans or, as he referred to them in his letters, by the Round Heads (German soldiers wore round helmets). His letters spoke of harsh weather, sparse if any food & being moved to different prisons.  He knew what countries he was in but never sure where in that country (no maps). He was very thin when he got off the ship after 18 months in prison....

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This pic is:  "A gunner with the regimental cat in a trench. Cambrin, France. 2/6/1918 (1WM)"  Per an article on 8/22/2014 by Bruce Strauss: "Cats were a common sight in the trenches & aboard ships where they hunted mice & rats. Beyond their 'official' duties, they were also embraced as mascots & pets by the soldiers & sailors with whom they served.  An estimated 500,000 cats were dispatched to the trenches where they killed rats & mice..."

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Thank you to all Veterans who have served & still serve & their family members!  We're sending a special meow-out to the animals who serve while in harms way as well as the pets at home tryin' to figure out where their mom or dad went & what those words "war" & "service" are all about. Thank you!

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Let me introduce you to our regular house guests, Fran & her hubby Ken. Where is Ken? Reading. He reads really early every morning. They might not stay with us for very long so we soak up whatever attention they give us. Most important, Fran is the best "Catch-the-Laser" player of all the hoomans that we know!  Gracee & I never tire of playin' that game!  But here you catch Fran & I takin' a break -- just kickin' it.  Fran's reclinin' & me?  I'm perchin' & purrin!'  

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No, I didn't "take over" our dining room chair like my hooman thinks I did.  It's called "sharing."  I'm sharing the chair with with our friend and house guest, Muriel, at our dining room table.  It's fun to sit with hoomans. Muriel has a nice soft voice. She & her husband, Lee, gave us lots of pets. Since when do cats not like attention?  Know what I mean?  Muriel even gave our hooman an idea on a creepy Halloween story. And, trust me, it turned out creepy!  

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I'm bewitched, bothered AND bewildered -- yes, all three -- by this pumpkin. I think it's stalking me!!!  Help!!