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BLACK CATS & BOBBYPINS (To see my video, click here, on the Title)
by Inkee-Bear on Jun 3 2018 Add Comment

At our house, we have all sorts of toys & puzzles to play on, in & with. But it's the littlest things that are the most fun -- like wrappers, popcorn, bottle tops, hair rollers, ice cubes, even a strip of cabbage dropped on the kitchen floor.  In this video/gif, I'm playin' with this bobbypin. You probably already guessed that it's Meowmuh's. It's stuff like this that's so much fun to 'do' while I 'keep watch' over my (well, our) territory--the backyard.

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Yes, I'm sitting in a dining room chair at our dining room table watching the birds & butterflies in our backyard. There are three new cats that walk through our yard. They must be watched. Very carefully. One looks like Spirit. Meowmuh doesn't  let us out of our house unless we're in our carriers, our stroller or on a leash/harness. She says we don't understand traffic & cars plus there are coyotes where we live. They might want one of us for lunch someday. That's skeery. Being inside isn't so bad. We find all sorts of things to play with. For example, watch my next video, "...

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This black lab puppy is 5 months old. He'll be with his foster hoomans for 15 months. They've fostered prior guide dogs. He must go everywhere so he becomes used to the world--all noises & smells on streets, subways, planes, taxis, elevators, hospitals, animals, other hoomans & so much more. Then he'll go to Guide Dog School where he'll be trained to assist & protect his blind hooman in ALL situations. Part of the training was 'intelligent disobedience' also known as the dogs using their judgement/reasoning powers. You might want to read the book to understand.

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This is an 'elder' guide dog at an ALOUD presentation at the Los Angeles Central Library. Meowmuh went with our auntie, Laurel. The presenter was Stephen Kuusisto, also known as the Blind Poet. He discussed passages in his book about the limits on his life prior to deciding to apply for a guide dog. Of compelling interest was the saga of his sojourn in & through Guide Dog School. The training was extensive &, for the first time, he met hoomans like himself--blind hoomans.

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Yes, this book is about a DOG, not a cat. We all know most dogs are 'OK' but this dog, Corky, was special.  He was Stephen Kuusisto's first guide dog. We thought we knew about guide dogs, right? We didn't know about the time & training it takes to graduate from Guide Dog School. Some don't make it. If they do, they're matched with a blind hooman. Then they have to train the hooman! Train a hooman? Now there's an oxymoron if we ever heard one.

by Gracee on May 24 2018 Add Comment

My paw's up & ready. Here comes one. Oops. I'll get the next one. I'm just a baby kitten in this 2011 pic. But now it's 2018 & I'm all grown up. I'm lookin' for Danica Patrick. She's fast! She's the only lady driver out there. Sunday, May 27 is Danica's last race. She retired from NASCAR & now from Indy. What's the point of tryin' to catch a car-thingie if it isn't Danica's? GO DANICA!!!  WE HOOMAN & CAT LADIES LOVE YOU!!  Be sure to Google her. She's a purr-fectly bootiful, classy lady-hooman! Yep, all of the Cat Authors & Meowmuh are Danica fans!

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I like to get up close & personal with these car-thingies. But where do they go? They're comin' at me & then they drop off -- but to where? Under the screen? Behind the screen? Nope. I looked behind the screen & there's nothin' there. Can't figure it out. I'll just have to catch one. I might be just a kitten here but I have really fast paws. Stay tuned. I'll get one.

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Jumped down from my cat tree & ran across the living room to the TV. I love the TV. I gotta' watch things move. Now I'm lookin' over my shoulder to watch those things called cars comin' at me. Meowmuh says it's May 29, 2011--the morning of the Indianapolis 500 -- a big car race that lots of hoomans watch. They gather together in what they call 'crowds.' The 'crowd' wants to see which hooman drives the car-thingie the fastest. And, trust me, they're movin' mighty fast!

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Meowmuh is all excited 'bout somethin' on TV. .Somethin' about races. Maybe the hooman race. No? A car race? What's that? She says it looks like I'm 'drivin' my cat tree with my arm out the 'window.' Don't know what 'drivin' means. Then she says I'm too young to drive. As you can see, I'm still a baby in this pic. But watch me get 'into' this car race.

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See these two babies? They're not sleeping IN their bed. They're sleeping UNDER it. Meowmuh had a cat named Tigger that loved to sleep UNDER things. He taught Gracee to sleep & hide under blankets, towels--you name it. Gracee's fav is under the comforter in the bedroom. If you walk in the bedroom & see a small lump in the bedcovers, it's probably Gracee. If the lump moves, it's fur shure Gracee. Hope someone adopted these little ones. There were quite a few senior cats there too. They looked bewildered which made Meowmuh sad.

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Meet two precious kittens at the Pasadena Humane Society's 'Neely Center for Cats.' These two little ones are in the midst of a serious kitten-nap. They must really be tired because there were a lot of people milling around looking to adopt. NOTICE: They are sleeping IN their cushy little bed. The kittens in the next pic found their own, unique place to nap.

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This is Molly--a sweet girl--the other photo class model. Meowmuh said she must be older because her muzzle was grey, She didn't want to play with any toys--she just wanted to be petted. Seeing all the people made her really happy. Everyone gave her pets & belly rubs. Meowmuh's friends, Susan & Jim, had a big yellow dog named Molly so this Molly was special. She got lots of pets from Meowmuh fur shure!

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After the class was over, they brought in two 'models'--big dogs--so the class could practice taking their pics.  Zane, the one pictured here, was a chocolate lab--Meowmuh said he ran 'round 'n 'round the room. Here he's asking Meowmuh to please play with him with his goofy red toy. The toy is kinda' wet & slobbery. Yuk. We cats don't mess up toys like that.

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Meowmuh took a Pet Photography class at the Pasadena Humane Society. She wants to take better pics of us. We're all for that.The only problem--most everyone had super-duper cameras with lenses--whatever those are. They talked about lighting, aperture, shutter speed, tripods, manual, auto. But Meowmuh only had her iPhone. She felt like she was a round peg in a square hole, if you know what I mean. Maybe she'll have to buy one of those thing-a-muh-jigs with the long, pointy things cause we wanna' look better. Seriously. We do.

by Gracee on May 12 2018 Add Comment

Yes, Sophee & I have the same cat Mom. And Sophee is sweet, like she says. Everyone loves her. Sometimes it makes me so mad. And we do have the same hooman Mom--we call her Meowmuh. She takes care of us, plays with us, gets fun toys for us. The only thing we don't like are those mani/pedi appointments with our vet. Grrrr. Hissss. We don't like shots either. But our hooman Mom says she has to do what a Mom has to do. We'll never admit it but we know she's right. So we wish all of you Moms & Meowmuhs a Happy Mom's Day.


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My sister Gracee & I are not the same age but we have the same cat Mom. What's cool is, we share the same hooman Mom too--we call her Meowmuh. I look like my cat Mom. Gracee looks like her cat Dad. Our Meowmuh gets special things for us--a huge exercise wheel that Spirit & I run on & a stroller that we take rides in. Sometimes we sit outside in our stroller & just watch the birds & butterflies. I want to say thanks & wish all of you Moms & Meowmuhs out there a Happy Mom's Day with a special wish to our hooman Meowmuh.

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Meowmuh discovered a long white box leaning on the front door yesterday. The gift card on the front of the box said: "Thank you for being such a good mommy to us. Love, Gracee, Inkee, Sophee & Spirit." How did we cats send her flowers? Well, we'll tell you. Our Auntie Laurel did one of those things that only hoomans can do. She sent our Meowmuh a Meowmuh's Day gift -- these beautiful flowers from Hawaii. Thank you, Auntie Laurel.

by Sophee on May 5 2018 Add Comment

Today is Cinco de Mayo? So soon? Frankly, I haven't recovered from last year's Cinco de Mayo. When we went out last year, I ordered the largest Cadillac Margarita. They must've put an extra shot of something in there cause, I swear, that drink made my ears spin. I had to hang on to my whiskers--seriously.  Just like I'm doin' here. Spirit likes his Margarita on the rocks, I like mine blended, thank you very much with just a touch of salt on the rim. Not too much or I won't drink it. Ready? Let's go! We wish you & yours a Happy Cinco de Mayo!!