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by Inkee-Bear on Apr 22 2018 Add Comment

Meowmuh says I go into a trance when I knead. As you can see, I am focused. I don't know why my tongue pops out--but it does. We googled it & couldn't find any reason. Some cats suck while they knead. I don't suck, my tongue just sort of -- pops out there. Then, I'm finished & it's time for my nap.

by Inkee-Bear on Apr 22 2018 Add Comment

I'm sittin' with Meowmuh. Her suitcases are out. She must be leavin' us again. So I knead, I mean, I need to get some kneadin' n' lickin' in before she leaves. Then I'm gonna do my next fav thing--settle down & take a nap right here next to Meowmuh. Be sure & watch my video: Tongue Lickin' while Kneadin'.

THE PRINTER POUNCE (if you can't see this video, click here, on the Title)
by Spirit on Apr 13 2018 Add Comment

This thing warns ya' that it's gonna' push somethin' at ya'. As soon as you hear it turn on, then you gotta' watch real close so it doesn't get ya.'. You can see me pouncin' on that thing comin' at me & Meowmuh. And, guess what? I won, I saved the day!  The last time I pounced on it, the behemoth went quiet. No more pushin' those things out. Meowmuh says it's jammed. She says: "Only Spirit could do that." See how proud she is of me?

by Spirit on Apr 13 2018 Add Comment

My job is to help Meowmuh however & whenever I can. So, here I am. Helping. I'm a real 'stand-up' kind of guy, as you can very well see. I'm standing watch while Meowmuh prints the Power Point presentation for her training--a web something or other.  What? Oh, Inkee-Bear just said it was a 'webinar.' I hate printers. You gotta' watch 'em REAL CLOSE or they'll get ya'!  You'll see in the video.

by Spirit on Apr 13 2018 Add Comment

Meowmuh agreed to review some grant applications to help some old dogs --I mean Senior dogs-- for the Grey Muzzle Organization @ So, I'm being my usual helpful self as you'll see in the next pic (Pouncing on the Enemy) & video (The Printer Pounce).

PAWS 'N PARASOLS (If you don't see this video, click HERE)
by Sophee on Apr 6 2018 Add Comment

Do you see this? It's a big, wet dripping thing -- Meowmuh says it's a parasol. But it's mysterious & intriguing if you know what I mean. I can hide on one side, reach under with my paw, & -- like magic -- I'm inside it, reaching under to the side where I think I was before. Betcha' the other critters that live here will never find me. This is too much fun! You oughta' try it. Hide under your parasol.

by Sophee on Apr 6 2018 Add Comment

What is this big thing? Why is it so wet?  Meowmuh shook it real hard just outside the door as she came home. Then she opened it into this real big thing inside the house & set it here on the landing. She said she doesn't use this big thing very much anymore because it rarely rains where we live -- in Southern California. So her having this out is special. I'm investigating it.  Be sure & watch my video: "Paws & Parasols."  

by Gracee, Spirit on Apr 1 2018 Add Comment

The Humane Society says:  ALL PARTS OF AN EASTER LILY ARE POISONOUS.  If you have an indoor cat, DO NOT put an Easter Lily in your home -- not even up high. You know we cats can go anywhere we want.  If your cats are indoor-outdoor cats, or if you feed feral cats, DO NOT place Easter Lilies on your porch or around your house.  Meowmuh told us to be sure & tell you. She doesn't want any 4 legged felines to get sick, real sick.

by Spirit on Apr 1 2018 Add Comment

You want us to believe you're an Easter Bunny? I spose you're gonna' yell: "April Fool!" But you can't fool us. No Easter Bunny wears dark shades. An Easter Bunny you're not. We weren't born yesterday. We know an Easter Bunny when we see one. Easter Bunnies have baskets full of eggs & treats. Factoid: The last time Easter & April Fools' Day fell on the same day was in 1956! Anyway, we're wishin' all you 2 & 4-legged critters out there a purr-fect HAPPY EASTER & a paw-some APRIL FOOLS' DAY!

by Gracee on Apr 1 2018 Add Comment

You're one dope lookin' bunny but Easter Bunny you're not. You think I'm a fool? Easter Bunnies don't wear shades. You tryin' to be cool or somethin'? You look kinda' out there, know what I"m sayin'? Besides, where's your basket filled with eggs? Easter Bunnies have fancy eggs -- different colors & designs. You can't April Fool me. You may be the coolest bunny I've met, but an Easter Bunny? Nope, believe me. Most important, to all you 2-& 4-legged critters: Have a Happy Easter but watch out for those April Fool tricksters!

A BROTHERLY' KERFUFFLE (To see the Brothers' VIDEO, Click on this Title)
by Inkee-Bear, Spirit on Mar 24 2018 Add Comment

Spirit: "Did you eat all the treats?" Inkee-Bear: "Nope. Lemme' outta' here you little goofball." Spirit: "You snuck in there before Meowmuh closed the door.You're just an ole' sneak!" Inkee-Bear: "So I'm a sneak. Back off little bro'. Oops--my tail." Spirit: "I'll back off when I want to."  Spirit thinks: He's my bro-I love him but sometimes I hate him. Right now? I wanna' bite his throat--right where it counts, if you know what I mean. Inkee-Bear thinks: He can be such a pain. Sigh.

by Spirit on Mar 24 2018 Add Comment

Yep. You better come check this out!  Guess who's in our food cabinet. It's the one, the only--the only bear in this whole house--probably in this whole neighborhood, maybe in this whole town--it's INKEE-BEAR!  If he put holes in our brand new yummy bag of treats, I'll kill him! I haven't even had one of those treats yet. I'm the youngest, I should be the first to get a treat. Know what I mean? The youngest is always the first!

by Spirit on Mar 24 2018 Add Comment

Hmmm--Meowmuh, do you hear something in our food cabinet?  Or maybe it's someone in our food cabinet. You'd better come & take a gander cause I don't want anyone in our food. And, I know you don't either.

by Inkee-Bear on Mar 21 2018 Add Comment

Did we miss St Pat’s Day? Oh, oh. We were supposed to find a green hat for our St Pat’s Day pics but we couldn’t find one. But we watched TV while they dyed the Chicago river as green as my harness. The dye is powdered & vegetable-based.The exact formula is as secret as a leprechaun telling where he hid his gold. 

by Sophee on Mar 10 2018 Add Comment

How did I celebrate International Women's Day? I curled up in Meowmuh's office chair, turned on the computer & googled 'International Women's Day.' Know what? Russian women observed their first 'International Women's Day' in 1913. In the next year, European women held rallies to protest the war. Russian women then protested for 'Bread & Peace,' the Czar abdicated & Russian women were given the right to vote in 1917. it wasn't until 1920 that women in the United States were granted the right to vote (19th Amendment).


by Gracee on Mar 10 2018 Add Comment

Thursday March 8 was International Woman's Day. How did I exercise my rights as a woman? Yep, you guessed it. I exercised my 'right' to nap--catnap that is. National Women's Day was first celebrated in 1909 in honour of the 1908 New York garment workers' strike. 'International Women's Day' was marked for the first time in Austria, Denmark, Germany & Switzerland in 1911. Over one million rallied demanding rights to work, vocational training & an end to discrimination on the job. Is that still a problem today? Hmmmm.. Hisss.

by Spirit on Mar 6 2018 Add Comment

I see her, I see Meowmuh! Is she gonna' scratch my tummy? Is she gonna' tell me what a good boy I am? I am a good boy, a very good boy, you know. Watch our 3 KNEADING videos. If you can't see them, click on their Titles. You'll see all of us kneading: Mikey (Auntie Rika's cat) Lucy (Auntie Laurell's DOG) &, of course, me. Cats that live in the wild knead down tall grass to make a comfy spot to lay down in/on & to check for unwelcome visitors under the grass. Of course you know that all kittens knead their moms while they're nursing. Their reward is:  milk.

DOGS KNEAD TOO (To see Lucy's video, Click on this Title)
by Spirit on Mar 6 2018 Add Comment

Meet Lucy, well, we call her Lucy-Loo. She lives with Auntie Laurell. Lucy's favorite toy is her squirrel. You can see the squirrel's tail under her right paw. Lucy, like some dogs, also kneads. When dogs knead they generally hold something (the toy squirrel in Lucy's case) in their mouths. And see that far-off expression she has? She is in another zone, so to speak. She always kneads before she goes to sleep.