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SOPHEE'S NOSE-TO-SCREEN DODGER WIN (if you can't see this video, click here)
by Sophee on Oct 20 2018 Add Comment

I'm watchin' these playoffs & I'm lovin' it!  Dodgers are gonna' win!  Watch this pitcher wind up & throw that ball to the batter -- 98 mph?  Yowl-Yikes.  Meowmuh's all nervous but I know they're gonna' win.  My cat sixth sense says so.  All cats have a sixth sense.  Hoomans do sometimes.  All I know is that the Dodgers are gonna' win!!!  And she was right!  Dodgers won!!  (click on the Title to see my video)

by Sophee on Oct 20 2018 Add Comment

They’re gonna’ win! I know it as sure as cats have whiskers!  Everyone knows we cats have a sixth sense. Meowmuh was all nervous. She wasn’t sure. But I’m sure. Be sure & watch my video: Sophee's Nose-to-Screen Dodger Win

by Sophee on Sep 6 2018 Add Comment

Yep, it's me again. I'm what you call a 'beam-hog' -- a 'Beamer,' so to speak. I guess I'm up here most every day. I'm ALWAYS up here when someone walks in our house. It's such fun. Until Meowmuh points me out, people don't know I"m up here. If you visited us, how long would it take you to notice me up here watchin' you?

by Inkee-Bear on Sep 6 2018 Add Comment

We cats love to be up high. When I'm sittin' on this beam, I can see the second floor & down below to the first floor. When people walk in the door, they never look up so they don't see us. They don't know that there's a 'cat-on-the-beam' watching their every move, listening to their every word. It's our way - secretive, hidden, you know what I mean.

by Spirit on Sep 6 2018 Add Comment

Hi to all! The beam isn't my fav place. It's definitely Sophee's. She's on it all the time. Anytime someone walks in the door, Sophee runs up the stairs to the beam. She sits there & watches whoever & whatever goes on below.

by Sophee on Sep 6 2018 Add Comment

My fav spot is here on the beam between the loft & the entryway. Everyone that lives here knows that. As usual, Spirit's sound asleep. He plays hard & sleeps hard. But, most important &, as usual, he's in my way! 

by Inkee-Bear on Sep 2 2018 Add Comment

'Meanie' Gracee said I insulted her. I'm just a truth-teller, know what I mean? This is a real live pic of Penny. One of her front paws is sorta' different. Penny jumps & runs just like any other dog. She's happy. Most important, she's loved. So are we. 'Priceless Penny' is available on Amazon & Kindle with 5 Star reviews. This book shows how adopting a differently-abled animal can be both fun & rewarding. Penny's website is:   

by Gracee, Inkee-Bear on Sep 2 2018 Add Comment

Gracee:  What's this? Inkee-Bear: A book. Must I explain everything? Sigh. Gracee: Maybe Meowmuh will write a book about us!  Inkee-Bear:  Not about you. Nobody wants to hear about a mean cat -- just fun cats that don't hiss & swat all the time like you. Gracee:  Hisssss. When volunteering, Penny's mom reads Penny's story & then introduces the children to the real Penny so they can see how amazing differently-abled animals are.

by Sophee on Sep 2 2018 Add Comment

OK. OK. I'll read the book about Penny. Not everyone gets a book written about them so she must be special. May I remind you that I'm special too? The book, Priceless Penny, sheds light on the importance of adopting differently-abled animals as well as giving differently-abled children a character they can relate to. Penny & her mom volunteer at the Animal Protective Association of Missouri where they co-teach the humane education class.  Priceless Penny has become a part of the APA's humane education curriculum.

by Sophee on Sep 2 2018 Add Comment

What? Read a book about a dog? Me? Are you twistin' my whiskers? It's a special dog? Must be a very special dog cause Meowmuh is 'over-the-moon' in love with this book 'Priceless Penny.'  Meowmuh met the author, Lauren, at the Cat Writers' Conference in Houston.  Lauren is Priceless Penny's mom. Abandoned by her owners, Penny was left to wander the streets until she was picked up as a stray and placed at a high-kill shelter. The book chronicles the adoption journey of Penny, a three-legged dog. 

by Inkee-Bear on Aug 25 2018 Add Comment

What did I tell you? Patience is a virtue. Patience pays off. So, just be patient. You'll always get what you want.  See what I'm sayin'? Sophee's doin' her catnappin' beauty-rest thing in her fav cat tree in the other room. And me? I've got the catwalk all to myself as you can clearly see.

INKEE-BEAR DECIDES (if you can't see this video, click here)
by Inkee-Bear, Sophee on Aug 25 2018 Add Comment

Sophee: Got ya!  On the run you gi-normous bully? Scared of a little girl half your size? They say I'm pretty, but I can take care of myself, know what I mean?  The proof is in the pudding, so to speak.  Inkee-Bear:  The better part of valor for a gentleman in this situation is--give it up. I'm outta' here--at least for the time being. Everyone knows I'm patient, I can wait. I'll just get up there later when she's gettin' her catnappin' beauty rest. You'll see in the next pic.

SOPHEE STRIKES (If you can't see the video-gif, click here)
by Inkee-Bear, Sophee on Aug 25 2018 Add Comment

Sophee:  Here's that something special I promised! Warned ya'! Oh, didn't hear me? Earth to Inkee!! Get goin', get off my catwalk, get outta' my face!  Inkee-Bear:  Good grief. She's serious. She's the prettiest calico I've ever met but... Yikes. What's a gentleman to do under these circumstances?  Watch the video: 'INKEE-BEAR DECIDES'  to see what happens. 

by Inkee-Bear, Sophee on Aug 25 2018 Add Comment

Sophee:  You're not comin' up here.  I'm not even gonna' look at you.  Don't see you, don't hear you, you're not even there.  Inkee-Bear:   I'm not lookin' at you either. Don't see you, don't hear you, you're not even there. Trust me, when I do look at you, you'll be gone.  Sophee: You'd better take a real quick look then, 'cause I have somethin' special' furr you. See what happens in the video: 'SOPHEE STRIKES."

by Inkee-Bear on Aug 16 2018 Add Comment

More FACTOIDS about Black Cats: The Pilgrims were devout believers in the Bible -- God was light & Satan was darkness/blackness. Being a suspicious group, anything remotely associated with Satan (darkness/blackness) was EVIL!  Anyone caught with a Black Cat was severely punished, even killed. They thought we were demonic, evil spirits. That was a dangerous time for us — & lotsa' hoomans too. Meowmuh visited the Salem Witch Museum in Boston. Witch trials, demon possessions, it’s all there. 

by Inkee-Bear on Aug 16 2018 Add Comment

Wanna' be in the know? Here's some pawsome FACTOIDS about us Black Cats: There's no one breed of Black Cat. There are 22 cat breeds in the Cat Fanciers' Association directory that list 'black' as a color option. Black Cats can be boys or girls, but more are male than female. Many Black Cats have golden eyes. The contrast in eye color to coat makes black cats mysterious and sometimes forboding. But I'm not forboding, fur shure.  We're interestin,' huh?

by Inkee-Bear on Aug 14 2018 Add Comment

Yes, you can appreciate me (and all black cats) on Friday and every other day if you want to. I’m cool with that. I'm kool, calm, affectionate & a good hunter. My sibs scramble, jump & grab at anything that moves. Anything. They're like frenetic. Me? I wait. Then I wait some more. Then, BOOM!  I come outta’ nowhere & snatch it!!  Everyone is surprised! I even surprise myself sometimes. But let's keep that last bit a secret--just between us kool cats. OK? 

by Spirit on Aug 11 2018 Add Comment

Wait, just wait a friggin' minute. Which is it?  "What you can't see WON'T hurt you" or is it "What you can't see WILL hurt you?" Guess it doesn't really matter. Still can't see. Sigh. Inkee-Bear has the most gy-normous, humungous paws of any cat I've ever seen which brings me back to -- I can't see!