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by Sophee on Dec 8 2018 Add Comment

It's raining, it's pouring & Inkee-Bear is snoring. I'm not asleep, not me. Besides, it never rains anymore. So this is exciting! I don't want to miss a drop. Let the others sleep all they want. This is my time, my 'me-time' if you know what I mean. My siblings are sooo quiet. That is sooo what I want. Besides, I have Meowmuh all to myself. But I don't dare try to get her to play with me because that would wake the other goof-balls up. Then they'd wanna' play. No, it's better this way. It's quiet, it's peaceful, it's heaven.

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It rained all night. It's rained all day. We don't care. Well, at least I don't care. Spirit cares -- he always, & I mean ALWAYS, cares. He wants to go outside in his stroller. But he gave up crying about it after Meowmuh asked him if he really wanted to get all wet. I honestly don't know if he knew what she meant but I think he at least got the hint that it might be something he wouldn't like. Anyway, I'm catching up on my zzzzz's. Sweet dreams to all, & to all a good night. 

by Inkee-Bear, Spirit on Dec 8 2018 Add Comment

It's a rainy day in 'Sunny, Southern California' -- nothing to watch -- no birds, no leaves, no squirrels, no racoons, nothin.'  We listened & watched rain drops 'til we couldn't keep our eyes open any longer. Meowmuh said we were clearly hip-no-tie-zed.  We don't know what that means but we fell into a serious sleep.  Spirit:  "I just wish Inkee-Bear would stop that stupid high-pitched sigh that he makes with every breath. Keeps waking me up."

by Sophee on Dec 3 2018 Add Comment

Am I actin' & lookin' sweet & innocent enough? Meowmuh still hasn't noticed the crooked picture. You know, we have dozens of earthquakes in Los Angeles. None recently? None today? Well, she won't know. She's busy & tired. I'm just gonna' kick-it up here. I'm on the top step of the cat tree now. My ears almost brush the ceiling. Well, not really. I'm not a liar. I just like to tell 'stories' & do 'things' that none of the other cats even think about saying or doing! Meowmuh says the things I say & do are highly creative. I'm highly certain she's right.

by Sophee on Dec 3 2018 Add Comment

Gotta' admit. I'm gettin' just a wee bit nervous. There must be a way out of this. Maybe if I jump up there -- you know, on the valance for the vertical blinds. I haven't been up there before. Would it hold me?  Hmm.  I'm thinkin', contemplatin' -- Oops, Meowmuh just said:  "Don't even think about it, Sophee! Do not dare jump up there." She read my mind! Skeery! Well, at least she hasn't said anything about the crooked picture. Diversion is always a good tactic!

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OK. I went one step higher. I'll get it, don't get your whiskers frazzled. I can do this. I'm balanced, I'm reaching, reaching---oh, oh.  I can't quite get it. Oh, no. The stupid picture moved! Now it's all crooked!  Meowmuh won't notice. She's busy & tired.  Besides, I know what to do. Done it before, can do it again. I'll act nonchalant. I'll be my usual sweet & innocent self. It works every time.

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Do you see what I see from our new cat tree? Look at the corner of that picture. It's Meowmuh's new cat necklace! How can I get it? Maybe if I go up one more step. It would be so fun to bat around. The other cats would love it too. They're always saying:  "Sophee, you find such fun things." It's easy-peasy--just check the counters! There's bottle tops, batteries, fasteners, coins, rings, pens.  Besides, when Meowmuh sees the necklace on the floor, she'll just figure it fell. She'll NEVER suspect me. 

by Spirit on Nov 23 2018 Add Comment

Finally, doin' my fav thing. I'm outside! I can sniff the air, watch the squirrels, the birds, the leaves -- listen to all the noises including the birds arguing & scolding me when I'm outside. I'd love to run free but Meowmuh says there are too many coyotes & cars that drive too fast on the road in front of our house. Please join us in sending positive purrs & thoughts to all the fire victims -- 2 & 4-legged critters -- &, most especially, to those fearless men & women who fight to save life & property. 

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Now this is what I call smoke.This AP pic was taken in Malibu where many beautiful homes were burned as the Santa Ana winds pushed flames over Freeways, through canyons, up & down mountains until it finally reached the ocean where it consumed anything it so desired.  

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This pic scares me. I don't like to be around fire. One of my big brothers, Tigger, was fascinated with flames. He crouched in front of our fireplace & gazed into the flames like he was hypnotized. Not me. These men & women are the bravest of brave. They worked 36 hour shifts.They slept on the ground; they didn't get a break cause the wind & fire didn't take a break. They helped people, they tried to save structures, it was too much, too fast but they never gave up. The fires are out now but the drought isn't & the Santa Ana winds will be back fur shure.

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The Woolsey Fire in the background illuminates two horses waiting further evacuation on the beach in Malibu. Many homes in Malibu were burned because the fire moved so fast over the mountains to the ocean. Some people fled in their boats. The Pacific Coast Highway was jammed with evacuees heading into Santa Monica. This Santa Ana event whipped major, historically destructive fires through drought stricken areas AT THE SAME TIME throughout Northern & Southern CA. This is a Getty pic.  

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These deer have to be confused as they walk through the aftermath of the Paradise Fire driven by the unrelenting Santa Ana winds in Northern CA. Experts say the Paradise fire traveled football field lengths in a matter of seconds. The single road in-&-out of Paradise was jammed & fraught with falling trees, electrical wires & utility poles. Paint peeled from some of the cars & some were found burned out along the sides of the road. It is thought to be the worst fire in CA history re loss of life & structures. 

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It wasn't just little critters that were caught in the midst of the fury of the flames -- there were deer, donkeys, lambs, big dogs, little dogs. When the wind blows, the flames move so fast it's nearly impossible to outrun them. This pic was taken by BBC News.

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This Woolsey Fire kitty victim is being treated for injuries. This is an AP Press Association photo. There were so many domesticated critters & wildlife that didn't know which way to turn when the wind & flames whipped across their territory. The only good thing is that there were very brave hoomans who came to their rescue both during & after the fire. Some hid under cars. Some wouldn't be caught but somehow survived.  

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Fire Captain Millosovich carries a cage of kittens. He told AP Photographer Noah Berger that the cage fell from the bed of a pick-up truck as an evacuee drove to safety. Fortunately, the Captain was there to rescue the kittens which makes him their Savior so to speak. They have no way of knowing how lucky they are.

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I might as well take a nap. Meowmuh won't take me out in the cat stroller. Yesterday, she said the Santa Ana winds were blowing too hard. Today, it's too smokey to go out cause of all the fires! To be purrfectly honest, I took a whiff when she opened the front door -- MEOWL!  I backed away from that door! The smoke smell was REAL bad --  like when we had to evacuate last December for the Creek Fire. Now it's the Woolsey Fire in LA County, the Hill Fire in Ventura County & the worst, the Camp Fire in the town of Paradise in Butte County.  

SEE SOPHEE'S NEW GAME: "PUM-KIN PLUMMET" (If you can't see this video, click HERE)
by Sophee on Nov 17 2018 Add Comment

I've got this pum-kin goin' now, fur shure. While I'm playin' -- Meowmuh wants to warn all you 2- & 4-legged critters out there -- watch us so we don't eat somethin' that'll make us sick cause, I don't know about you, but I don't want to be rushed to any 4-legged critters' emergency hospital. So, be sure & READ the "Safety Tips for Thanks-What?" Article.  Oh, oh -- my pum-kin just plummeted right outa' our cat tree!  Don't forget --be safe; be thankful for your own food, your home & get all the attention you can today --without gettin' in the way of course....

SOPHEE GROOMS HER PUM-KIN (If you can't see this video, click HERE)
by Sophee on Nov 17 2018 Add Comment

Do you get toys for Thanksgiving? I did. Meowmuh says it's a pum-kin or somethin' like that. You know us cats. We have to FULLY inspect everything! And I mean everything. So, I'm movin' this little pum-kin, I'm scratchin' it, I'm groomin' it. Wait.  I've got a little groom-chore to do myself. Oh, I almost forgot -- HAPPY THANKSGIVING to all you 2- & 4-legged critters out there!!