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by Gracee on Oct 12 2019 Add Comment

A girl has to cool her claws sometimes if you know what I mean. Hopefully, my speedster youngest brother, Spirit, in the shadows behind me, will give me a break for a few anyway. "Hey, Spirit, I need a time-out!"  He needs to be given direction directly from me if you know what I mean. To see us in 3D, go to our FB, see this posting, move your phone (or move your mouse over) this same FB pic & you'll see us in 3D! It's more fun than anyone (even Spirit) can imagine. See ya' there!

by Gracee on Oct 5 2019 Add Comment

I gotta' be honest. My siblings' "Committee" meetings are a total waste of time. So I just say no to their little meetings. They can yowl all they want. I do what I want & they know it. Cry me a river, know what I mean?   They say:  "Gracee may be little but she's mighty."  You can take that to the bank. My hiss will make any respectable cat run & hide. So, do it my way or HISSS!   

by Inkee-Bear, Spirit on Oct 5 2019 Add Comment

We're the "Committee." We meet on our stair landing at least weekly to "meow" & "yowl" -- you know, talk things over, work things out. Not just for us but for our hooman too. But you can never work things out with Gracee. She doesn't even meet with us. Just because she's the oldest, she thinks everything should be her way or the highway.  Sigh. 

by Inkee-Bear on Sep 27 2019 Add Comment

I always "place" myself on this green lily pad-placemat as soon as our hooman lifts our water bowl, carries the bowl to the kitchen sink, turns on the water, rinses the bowl, fills it & "Purr, Purr!" -- serves us our fresh, cool water. Sometimes she puts my fav thing in it -- little pieces of ice or a REALLY BIG ice cube!  "Purr Purr Purr!"  Don't be surprised by ice cubes. We're in triple digits here but I love playing with ice anytime!  'Scuse. Here comes the water. Gotta move. 

by Inkee-Bear on Sep 27 2019 Add Comment

See the green thing?  "It's a placemat for your water bowl," our hooman told us, "and it looks like a lily pad. Cool, huh?"  Cool?  Dunno bout that. But why our water bowl has to be "placed" on a lily pad is beyond my whiskers. 

by Inkee-Bear, Spirit on Sep 14 2019 Add Comment

SPIRIT:  OK, OK.  Cut it out.  Quit buggin' me!  I've got bigger & better fish to fry if you know what I mean.  INKEE-BEAR:  You may be the fastest cat in the house but you're also the biggest guy cry-baby in the house.  Wait, hold on!  Don't be always runnin' off.  Oops. A bit of a snag here.  Didn't really mean to snag you like that, dude.  SPIRIT:  Yea, right.  You didn't 'mean' to snag me.  A likely story.  Your nose is growin', dude. But I'm cool with it. INKEE-BEAR:  If you're cool, I'm cool -- which...

by Inkee-Bear, Spirit on Sep 20 2019 Add Comment

SPIRIT:  Inkee-Bear, we're best buddies, right?  INKEE-BEAR:  Dunno' if I'd say "best" buddies. SPIRIT:  Whaddya' mean? If we're not best buddies, then what are we? INKEE-BEAR:  I'd say we're siblings. SPIRIT:  That's it? I thought we were buddies!  INKEE-BEAR:  Aww...fur cryin' out loud, Spirit. OK, OK. We're buddies. Yes, best buddies. Now look at Jeff, our hooman buddy with his new camera & long lens. Hold still. Say "Meow."  

by Gracee on Sep 14 2019 Add Comment

Where is it?  Oh, wait!  Now I see it!   Sometimes I let the other cats in our house have a try at it. Sophee chases the laser all the way from the end of the kitchen, through the dining room, through the living room & up the front door. Yes, she jumps way up on the door. Big Inkee-Bear is a big surprise -- you think he's taking a nap but then his big black paw snakes out to grab it. Spirit is a laser non-player.  These pics were taken by Jeff, our webdesigner, with his new camera.  Our hooman edited them.

by Gracee on Sep 14 2019 Add Comment

Sophee & I try to get our hooman to play "Laser-Pointer" whenever we can.  Sometimes we don't have to ask. She just does it.  I can hear the click when she turns it on!  Yes I can.  Even if I'm in another room!   My cat ears are super-sonic, better than my sibs, fur shure.  I race to the sound.  So, I'm warnin' ya' startin' right now.  Stay outa' my way 'til I catch this laser thing.  I'll creep up on it, I'll stalk it, I'll catch it.  Just you wait and see.  

by Gracee on Sep 14 2019 Add Comment

I can catch anything!  Yes, I can.  It takes skill, quick reflexes & determination!  And I gotta' heap-a all three!  More than any of my three sibs, that's fur darn tootin' shure.

by Inkee-Bear on Sep 7 2019 Add Comment

Stop with the histrionics, Spirit!  Yes, I said I got a lizard, not a laser, a L-I-Z-A-R-D.  Got it?  This little lizard isn't the brightest in the world either -- he chose to come in a house with four -- yes, count them, four -- indoor cats.  It's not often I get to give my hooman a gift.  Oops, what happened to it?  Oh, I know.  She picked it up with one of those paper towels & put it outside. She says it ran away.  I dunno.'  It better not come back.

by Gracee on Sep 7 2019 Add Comment

I hear you, Spirit. Open your eyes!  It's a laser. I'm chasin' the laser. It's MY fav toy!  I know you aren't into chasin' lasers.  But I am.  So, to each his own.  No, I don't get dizzy from spinnin' in circles chasin' it.  Yes, I chase it through the kitchen, back through the kitchen, skid around the corner into the dining room and charge after it through the living room to the front door. The best is chasin' it up and down our stairs. This is serious stuff.  So, quit askin' questions, get outa' my way & stay outa' my way!

by Spirit on Sep 7 2019 Add Comment

What?!  What did you say? Did you say "LASER" or "LIZARD?"  It makes a difference, you know. What kind of a difference?  Well it's complicated. It's kinda' hard to explain. So, I won't.  Watch me next week with my flips, flops, and forward rolls. And I catch what I'm after, trust me.  And it ain't no lizard or laser.  Tune in. See ya next week.   

by Spirit on Sep 1 2019 Add Comment

You better not wake me up!  I don't care if it is Labor Day weekend. I start each day (if I meow loud enough and long enough) outside in my stroller.  Yes, it's hot out but I love watching everything outdoors. Being on my leash is even better than being in my stroller.  When I come inside, I have a snack then I chase my siblings around, flip my toys in the air, persuade my hooman to toss them (she's a pretty good tosser), then I work out on the exercise wheel while she cleans our litter box then it's nap time -- catnap time, that is. Have a good Labor Day Holiday!

by Sophee on Sep 1 2019 Add Comment

I'm the Inspector-In-Residence at this house. Nothing gets past me -- not on Labor Day, not on any day.  My hooman tells other hoomans that I don't miss a thing. And, I don't. I fly up and down the stairs between floors at breakneck speed, jumping off the wall if I feel like it and if  my hooman has moved a chair, a lamp, a bowl, a pillow, I know. That's just how I am.  So, I'm keeping track of things for my hooman.  Well, somebody's gotta do it. Right? And, yes, I like what I do so I'm purring.

by Inkee-Bear on Sep 1 2019 Add Comment

I love lickin' tape and anythin' plastic.  When I saw these bags -- like, wow!  I know she isn't happy with me sprawlin' on her kitchen counter but how can a guy resist plastic bags?  I also rearrange the bags, that's what I call work.  So, I'm workin' on Labor Day.  It's a Federal Holiday so I expect time-and-a-half compensation -- in treats that is. 

by Spirit on Aug 31 2019 Add Comment

We're honoring Rosie the Riveter this Labor Day.  See her below me?  An American icon, Rosie represents women who joined the workforce in the 1940's to continue the work of manufacturing war machines when our men were drafted to fight WW II.  Her iconic image, first painted by Norman Rockwell, signified the new role of women in the workforce  -- resplendent & beautiful in her red bandana and red lipstick, wearing that determined expression while flexing her bicep and declaring:  "We Can Do It!"  

by Spirit on Aug 22 2019 Add Comment

This little guy reminds us of Inkee-Bear. He's always alone. We don't know if he has a home but our hooman says he looks well-cared for. The other day, he tree'd the neighbor's big boy cat. For how long?  For hours on end.  The big boy cat started shaking, he looked like he was going to fall out of the tree. The little black cat put the fear of you-know-what in him. Our hooman felt sorry for the big cat so she walked out to the yard. The little black cat split & the big guy was able to come down.  A genuine scaredy cat that big one is.